Rian Johnson posted a director's commentary track for Knives Out

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So I’m sure the plan was to try to sell more tickets by having people go see the movie a second time in theaters while listing to the directors commentary on their cell phones.

But, the reality is that this will be the first Oscar screener leak to come packaged with a directors commentary on the torrent sites. My money says that it happens before Christmas.

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I loved it in the theater and will be seeing it again at some point, but wouldn’t care to listen to the director’s commentary in a theater. But it’s still pretty cool.

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I saw it yesterday as a team building exercise at work. I enjoyed it!

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I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t like it. The trailer got me hyped up. I love Toni Collette and Michael Shannon. Christopher Plummer and Daniel Craig were the sugar on top. Set design, etc. were incredible.

The movie was set up as a whodunit, but whocares? It absolutely under-delivered for me. There was nothing especially clever about anything (though I liked a lot of the acting, the dialogue and Marta’s vomiting was a cool device), the reveal was lame [oh, the most likely one did it? cool…] and I walked out wondering if I missed something.

You should probably stick to documentaries. :wink:

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I hope it explains what was left on the cutting room floor re Jamie Lee Curtis’ motive.

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Liked your post because I have seen the film and there is no answer to that question, for obvious reasons.

I’m not sure what you mean by obvious reasons in that IIRC the patriarch says something about having had conversations with everyone, cutting them off, but we don’t see one with Curtis. So I think it very likely that one was shot but felt detrimental to the flow.

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I was being more superficial. I.E. it’s ‘obvious’ we didn’t need to see what motive she had because she was not the killer.

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