Glass Onion is getting a director's commentary track

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As one of the most visionary filmmakers working in the field

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I haven’t watched and listened to many of these even when they were a thing, but there are probably enough gags that I missed in this that I would enjoy that it might be worth it. I’ll give it a go.


I agree “visionary filmmaker” is a hyperbolic description for just about anyone, but Rian Johnson’s high on my list of favorite filmmakers currently working in the industry. I’m proudly in the minority of folks who loved The Last Jedi, and both Knives Out & Glass Onion are clever, fun movies that I’ve watched multiple times. He’s been on my list since Brick.


I enjoyed the Vanity Fair scene breakdown that he did. I suspect the commentary will be interesting.


One of my favorite things about having the extended version of Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD was that the movies had four separate commentary tracks, including a cast commentary that was largely just Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd (Merry and Pippin) making comic riffs about the experience of making the film, such as how the Balrog was an unpleasant guy to work with and never spotted a round at the pub after a day of filming.


The commentary track on Spinal Tap is the cast in character complaining about the director making them look bad.

The best director commentaries as far as discussing the craft and the actual shoot come from David Cronenberg. Others I’ve listened to are nowhere near as informative, often they’re either self congratulatory or just dishing on actors and producers (which admittedly can be fun)


For anyone looking, since it took me forever to find it. Netflix did NOT make this available as a soundtrack or any other way from within the Netflix application.

It was released as a podcast episode in the “Watching With…” feed. Which took me way to long to find too. I only found it based on a comment in another news story.

First new episode in the feed in 2+ years too.

What a lost opportunity, they should have just made it another sound track in the app.


Wow. Wow.

> Disc rot enters the chat

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I agree. Commentary tracks can be a real mixed bag. I remember Hot Fuzz had 4 different commentary tracks that ranged from great to boring. Unless it’s a movie I’m really into, I generally don’t bother and if it is a movie I’m really into, I set my expectations low. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.

I was watching the Pet Shop Boys’ DVD for their 2009 tour performance at O2 Arena recently, and the commentary track was actually fascinating. The group and their tour designer went into great detail about the tour, performance, songs, and shared lots of funny stories and anecdotes. If more commentary tracks were informative and interesting like that, and less self-congratulatory puffery and inside jokes (like pretty much any Quentin Tarantino commentary I’ve ever heard) I’d probably listen to more of them.

I enjoyed these too. I’m not ashamed of it :man_shrugging: .


What are we “wowing”?


I hadn’t noticed that. I ,must admit I presumed they were still there when films got released onto DVD.

Shaun of the Dead had one commentary track from the Zombies. It was less useful than the others.


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