Awesome 2018 interview with Mark Hamill on some 'The Last Jedi' deleted scenes

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DVD? It’s 2021 yo, get a Blu-ray already if you’re going to consider buying physical discs. :wink:


The only physical media format for true Star Wars fans is Holocron.


Maybe not as good as a Holocron, but what was the media format that Leia inserted into R2’s disk drive?


Data Tapes are the hardest core.


The entire goddamn film should’ve been deleted. Sometimes I regret being an atheist because I know that destructive bastards like Rian Johnson and Donald Trump will never spend eternity burning in Hell.



These were on the skywalker saga blu-ray collection I picked up. Was excellent.


i loved The Last Jedi. i will defend it forever. i really thought it was the exact thing Star Wars needed. it’s such a shame that it had such a crazy backlash. it’s nice to see Mark defending its ideas. He’s such a treasure.


You just reminded me that I need to actually buy The Last Jedi, the third best Star Wars movie, and not just stream it.

“Burn in hell?” Really? :roll_eyes:


I liked Luke as “drunken failed Yoda” to Rey and the ending. So that is like 1/3rd of the movie.

I liked it better than Revenge of the Sith but not as much as Return of the Jedi.


So glad to see some fellow mutants love TLJ as much as I do. Have never understood the hatred it gets. Especially with how it deals with Luke (and doubly so from the terrible situation JJ placed him in)

I knew this was one of my favorite SW films when I got a chance to share with my Dad (it was the first star wars film we didn’t see together in a theater.) When Luke brushed his shoulders off during the fight with Kylo he jumped up yelling “HELL YES!!!” which is strange because my dad is usually quite stoic and silent during film.


I do wonder where you think the story should have gone then at that point. Every problem I have ever heard from haters like yourself are rooted in JJ’s terrible primary story from TFA.


It felt satisfying, but not amazing. It scratched some itches for big story wraps, and was as comfortable as an old pair of shoes that you forgot were pushed waaay under the dresser.

But I think the need/feels developed for it because of 6-10 movies in between that weren’t amazing and which pushed the franchise into predictable blandness. It’s like seeing your favorite band from the 70s reassemble as old guys and play their hits one last time after a million mediocre cover bands.

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It’s easily the best of the new ones: the first was a retread of the original and the last was utterly forgettable. This was to this series as the empire strikes back was to the first run. A competently made movie by someone who actually knew how to make a film.

The old line about Lucas being the biggest second unit director in Hollywood was really shown to be true with his revisions of the early films. He filled the frame with digital clutter relegating the actual action and actors into little postboxes surrounded by shit flying around.

Obviously the middle three prequels arent worth the pixels to discuss.

So I’ll accept two other of the SW films as reasonable to say that they are better (empire and rogue one), none of the rest. And rogue was too violent for me.


Not that anyone cares about another faceless old white guy’s opinion about a star wars movie, but it is the internet so: i absolutely loved MOST of TLJ.

BUT i think they criminally underused Boyega - No idea why they turned him into a weird bumbling clown- It would have been so much more interesting if they him keep the dark, misanthropic but hopefull energy he crackled with in Attack the Block.

Canto Bright was an ok idea that didn’t work, and were we supposed to feel tension between Finn and Rose? because we only felt it between Fin and Po. (and, happily, Kylo and Rey)

But the surprises of the Holdo Manuever, the Leia force pull, the trippy shit on Luke’s old weird dad island - all that shit was amazing and for me anyway, really brought the joy that i felt as a kid.


The only authentic (to me) Star War are the three films I recorded onto VHS from Cinamax when I was a kid. I still have them, my definitive edition.


Plus the porgs. Who turned out to be delicious.


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