Official Court Ruling Declares "The Last Jedi" and "The Rise of Skywalker" To Be Mediocre

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Last Jedi is fantastic.Lol.


Whether or not that was meant sincerely, I fully agree!


TLJ really is fantastic. it was what SW needed, but here we are.


The Last Jedi* is fantastic, anyway

Is it tho?

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Yes. If only JJ (probably at Disney’s behest) hadn’t ignored it, we’d have a pretty wonderful trilogy on our hands.


This is now legal precedent:
only Star Wars IV, V, VI are “good.”

Hopefully, this judge will further clarify the ruling by stipulating that only the Original™ (or Silver Screen Edition) releases of those films are “good” and that Lucas’ Special Edition version of IV/V/VI is “adulterated.”


“The Last Jedi” may very well be good, but I will never know-- as they say “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”-- and I was fooled three f$%king times with those damned episodes one, two, and three prequels. Then fooled again with “The Force Awakens.” People say SW is “space opera” but it’s more like “space soap opera.

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I recognise that the court has made a decision . But given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.


Personally, I liked the Last Jedi.

I have not bothered to watch the Rise of Skywalker.


It’s nowhere near where I would have gone after TLJ, but it’s much better than it has any right to be. Maybe I’m just an easy mark, but I actually enjoyed RoS. :slight_smile:


Which one was which again? I can’t be bothered to tell them apart.

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I may watch it at some point.

I’m no hardcore fanboy, so it’s not a big deal to me either way.


For the sake of the defendants that appear in front of that Judge, I hope he is as generous with his sentences as he was with his critique of those to films. They are not mediocre, they are train-wrecks into dumpster-firers.

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No, The Last Jedi is not fantastic. It is just a muddled mash-up of several previous Star Wars movies and includes several scenes we have already seen, but done better, including the battle of Hoth for some reason.
I have never seen The Rise of Skywalker, because I don’t want to give Disney any more of my money, they’ll just waste it.

I guess no part of the internet is immune to trashing TLJ with meaningless hyperbole. I’m not gonna deny it’s a mess, but it’s still the best of any of the two-thirds of the Skywalker Saga made after 1983. I might even say it’s better than ROTJ. TFA was serviceable, but meh, and ROS was not only messier than TLJ, but also preferred fanservice and fetch quests over substance. Of all the Star Wars movies not in the original trilogy, I’ve watched TLJ the most, followed by Rogue One and Solo.


As a film, it is mediocre

As a Star Wars film, it’s above average

You have chosen wisely


The Last Jedi, for all its problems, is an artistic and philosophical statement against the cheese and fanservice in the prequels and in Episode VII.

Disney saw it and said, “OK, no more of THAT,” and the final film is just what you’re afraid it would be


As someone who was deeply offended by the prequels - on finally rewatching them (first 6) all together - I found a perspective that took away a little of the bitterness. As bad as I felt they were, what the did really well was dialog with the older movies. Inserting the details you learn from the prequels into watching the real movies can be very rewarding. (Except the midi-chlorians - that whole thing was just a FU to Jedi fans everywhere).