Official Court Ruling Declares "The Last Jedi" and "The Rise of Skywalker" To Be Mediocre

Drunken loser Luke Skywalker makes The Last Jedi more enjoyable than it has any business being.


Burn It All Down Yoda is the best Yoda


I might steal that sometime. Hits the nail on the head.

except for that bit with Leia telling Luke about their mother … who neither of them ever met


I thought they were servicable star wars movies, and that a lot of people seem to be giving a lot of leeway to 1 , 2 ,and 3 , and 5, and 6 that they didn’t really give to 7, 8, and 9. Between acting like those didn’t have flaws and the “go woke, go broke” crowd that basically has shouted out ANY minority or women representation in star wars, this debate is kinda tiring to me.

They weren’t the best movies ever made, but none of the star wars movies have been. Rose colored glasses cause problems here.

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Hey, don’t blame Rose just because the writers didn’t give her anything interesting to do in the last movie.


Oh, but her very existence in the movie was the problem, of course… plus FInn. You just summed up it sucked in one image! /s

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Poor Finn went from “one of the two leading roles in the new franchise” to “I’m pretty sure he did something in Episode 9, but darned if I can recall what.” At least he didn’t have to spend the entire last movie stuck at home doing space-homework like Rose. Such a waste of potential character arcs.


I can’t help thinking if Disney had hired Rian Johnson to direct and let Dave Filoni do his thing for all three movies (Filoni was not involved in any way), the sequel trilogy would’ve been amazing for anyone besides the wankers who decry anything that isn’t starring a white man.

[Full disclosure: Jr. Kidd wants to start watching Clone Wars all the way through, again, for the 7th time. I’ve now officially watch all the animated series for more hours than the live action movies combined.]




He got the appropriately segregated hetero-normative pairing all family movies need /s


That’s why the genre is called space opera; because its emphasis on melodrama reminded people of soap operas.


Declaring bad movies bad is much, much less novel than a judge rejecting a class action settlement that gives 6/7ths of the settlement money to the lawyers. Definitely burying the lede on this one.

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I think you’re on to something there.

There’s a lot of love in the fandom these days for the prequels, because a generation of kids who saw the prequels first, at a young and uncritical age, are grown up now. That’s how I saw the original trilogy, and Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite, in spite of the many flaws I can now see in it as an adult. Well, it has to fight The Last Jedi for my favorite title nowadays.

But at the end of the day I like 7 out of 11 Star Wars movies so far and I’ve actually really enjoyed 3 out of 4 tv series they’ve made (and it’s looking good for series #5). There’s more Star Wars stuff that I like than I don’t like, and I’m pretty happy about that.


It’s such a mixed bag for me–some really great ideas/character moments and world-building concepts that I want to cherish, but also so many bad narrative choices that were very obviously the result of Disney flinching at the online troll backlash from TLJ. I haven’t revisited the film since the theater.

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Filoni always did shows and had tons of time for character development. Also the second part would have been a variation of The Seven Samurai. He did it for each show once.


That’s what Disney gets for listening to whinging man-babies…

But they are the only demographic that matters! /s

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Yeah. Me and my girl loved the last jedi. We went with some friends to see the final one and on the bus home were all chattering away about something else. The film had entirely left everyone’s minds.

Obviously there is no empirical taste and quality in art, but it strikes me as really quite extraordinarily strange to choose that one movie out of the execrable mediocrity of most of them to execrate. Honestly, as a film, only the empire strikes back is of a similar quality. That seems so really very obvious to me. The stink of Lucas’s huge failings as a director (they used to call him the best second unit director in Hollywood) in particular without his ex wife or his mentor to edit the shit out of him. Or the stink of Abrams’ constant and repeated inability to develop a story (he’s really good at intros and Exposition. It ends there) are both missing from this film which comes from a place of love from a director steeped in genre but also alive to character and story.

Lucas wrote unreadable scripts, when tasked with re-editing his movies he put the action and the actors in a letterbox and composited digital clutter around it and was in many, many ways maddeningly bad. But he had a compelling vision. That transcript of he and Spielberg generating the ideas for Indiana Jones (“hat”“whip”) is inspiring and reminds me of just how awful early Star Wars scripts were but how compelling small ideas in them ended up being.

In terms of a decent movie, without having to have fandom as your defining factor though, the second movie in the first and third trilogies are really the two that stand up.


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