William Blake Doc Martens


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He knew of his peoms but didn’t know of William Blake’s artwork? How does that work?


Dagnabbit - looks like they’re both sold out in the UK :frowning:


By a strange serendipity I saw a lady wearing the “Satan Smiting Job with Sore Boils” pair yesterday; they looked fantastic.

DM do still have several JMW Turner boots available in the UK for anyone interested.



Well, when I was a kid I was in the same position. I had access to a tattered copy of his collected poems I found in a fourth-hand bookshop somewhere and since I’m not an Anglophone by birth I didn’t really have much of a chance to learn about him. I enjoyed the poems and it’s not until years later I discovered I was missing the other half as it were.


Those prices are actually pretty reasonable. I assume they’re not made of actual first-edition folios? What do you suppose that would cost?


Which makes sense, but the story is about a man in his mid to late 20s (at least) who claims to be a fan of Blake insisting that he wasn’t a visual artist. It’s a basic biographical fact about the man.

Anyhow, neato Docs. I’m not sure Blake’s all that punk, but I have no doubt that he would have been a combination rock lyricist/album-cover artist if he’d been alive during the late 70s/early 80s.


With or without the medical expenses once bibliophiles caught up with you? :wink:


Still have my winklepickers from the 80’s.


I have a pair of the Hieronymus Bosch docs; they’re pretty awesome.


Considering that Blake’s original education and training was as an artist, it’s odd that someone who liked his poetry wouldn’t know he was an artist, as many of Blake’s works were first published with his illustrations. I’d tend to blame editions of Blake’s work that separate his two geniuses; art books only for the art, and anthologies of only his poems. The “Illuminated Books” tab on the Blake Archive site gives a list of his works originally published with his illustrations:


A 45 pound T-shirt is too heavy for me :wink:


Does the combination of “New Doc Marten Shoes”, with “Satan Smiting Job with Boils” count as irony? Not Alanis Morisette irony which only is if she is marrying the God of Clement Weather, but proper irony with iron in. Have you ever broken in a new pair of Doc Martens without ankle scars that can be seen years later? Or without pounding them with a club hammer to tenderise them?

From the calves up, Want.


In the 90’s there were these edifices resplendent with tomes called ‘encyclopaedias’ - smiting your foe would have only taken an hour or two :books::nerd_face:


You monster! :wink:


Annie would like a pair of the William Blakes.




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