Wim Wenders: Looking back on the road ahead

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When this movie came out I remember how the music all sounded like it had, indeed, come from future recording sessions of the involved artists. That sense no longer is there.



Good interview, and nice to see mention of my favorite of his (some others seem, ponderous), Notebook on Cities and Clothes. It made me think in new ways about a lot of things, especially the possibility that “fashion” could also be “art.”

I’m looking forward to the BluRay release of the director’s cut of Until the End of the World. The French get it first - their BluRay comes out in November. Wenders’ Facebook page says that the Criterion label will release it in the US later, but Criterion has not announced it so we don’t know when; hopefully not another 25 years.


YES YES YES! I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE AGAIN! “Until The End Of The World” was a total mess of a film, totally worth seeing, impossible to find, and it’ll be really interesting to see how “the future” looked from back then. I don’t know what Wenders does to make studios unwilling to distribute his work decently. (It’s another of those “Wizard of Speed and Time” problems, but much harder to get.)

“Pina” played at the Mill Valley Film Festival a few years ago, and when we saw it on the schedule, the clarified which days we had to be there. I’ve only seen two movies that really justified doing 3D, which were “Pina”, and Werner Herzog’s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”. (Ok, and maybe “Ice Pirates in 3-D” :- ) There are other movies that have used it ok, but it’s usually either gimmicky or just decorative, but the dancing in “Pina” gets a physicality and presence that would be lost in 2D.

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Tonight’s film is Paris, Texas, so this is apt.

(never watched any Wenders - I am slowly improving my filmviewing history)

The 3D in Coraline was pretty essential/integral, but I may be biased since it reminded me so much of those beloved dioramas someone mentioned in the Viewmaster thread.

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Paris, Texas is the only movie I have been to where people were walking out in the last hour.

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Well, it takes a lot for me to walk out on a movie. I even sat all the way through Cyborg because a friend wanted to see it. Of course, there were only three people in the theater, and we began to roar out loud at each other like Vincent Klyn did to Van Damme, a la MST3K.

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Cyborg is arguably the best of the classic Van Damme movies, although I admit a soft spot for Death Warrant. (Somehow I am only finding out just now that he made another prison movie in 2003!)

JCVD is worth a watch if you like metafiction mindfuckery.

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Until the End of the World is one of my all time favorite movies. In fact I have the ~4-hour version on DVD that I think I either picked up in Berlin or on Amazon at some point, but it’s a European-region disc, and modern players only have 4 “toggles” between regions you can do over all time, so I’ve never bothered actually playing it! What I ought to do is rip it using Handbrake once to high-quality H.264, and be set – just to tide me over until the true director’s cut comes out! I’ve been waiting for such a thing to happen for well over a decade, so hopefully we’re actually going to get it relatively soon!!!

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