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I never used windows, 1.0 but I remember 2.xx and that was a memory and CPU hog. There were alternate file management utilities that seemed to do pretty much the same thing using vastly fewer resources.

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I remember it well. Non-overlapping windows were actually handled well.

Maybe this will seem obscure, but in that era, there was no native networking capability from Microsoft. My first networks were DECnet.

I thought he (or more accurately, the Russian government) was looking into ReactOS at one point. Nothing ever came from it though.

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The only person who likes all the Windows is Vladimir Putin.

Pooty may like defenestrations, but it has a long, long, history




Anyone else remember playing a video game in the 80s called Balance of Power that ran in windows 1 over MS-DOS? I found a gameplay video of it, but I can’t really make heads or tails of it.


Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 17.04.09

This may be one of the earliest incarnations of the “hamburger menu.”


Our first computer was an Apple IIe that my dad bought. I still have it in it’s original box with all documentation, a few games, AppleWorks, original monitor, and an original dot matrix printer.

The first computer that me and my wife bought was a 286 with dos something or other.

No graphical interface until a 386 with DosShell.

Our 486 had a graphical interface but I can’t remember what it was.

At some point I bought Windows for Workgroups. I still have the install disks.

I have dos 6 and I think 7 laying around.

It was so much fun figuring everything out without being able to just google it.

Lots of library visits and trips to Borders, Waldenbooks, and computer magazines.

Good times.


640 kB of RAM ought to be enough for everybody.

– No, Bill Gates didn’t say that

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The first network I had in my apartment was 16mbps token ring on a passive 16/4 concentrator; I played doom on a token ring network!

This was a port of a fairly famous Mac game and one of the first 3rd party games for Windows. It was a very sophisticated (for the time) strategy game dealing with the Cold War. You played as either the US or USSR and were trying to increase your power (militarily, economically, or ideologically) by influencing/invading various countries. But you had to take into account how the other superpower would respond, and you lose if the other power declares nuclear war on you.


Windows NT 3.51.


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