Windows 11 unveiled

I always have the impression that MS does a deep dive into what Windows users say they want and then ignores everything the users say.


Our rule of thumb, when dealing with an issue we’ve escalated to MS support, is that if they suggest that you take the matter to Microsoft’s “uservoice” page you know that the ticket has been closed beyond any hope of reopening. If they just tell you that they are marking the ticket as closed or inactive you can fix that by leaning on your rep; but if uservoice gets mentioned…game over man, game over.

Now that they are killing off the uservoice pages I assume that the same will be true of the “feedback hub app”.


Most, if not all, of your complaints can be fixed for Win10 if you know where to look. That said MS does not make it easy and they’ll spread out all of the different settings in completely different menus for you to turn off or change the behavior. It’s a pain in the ass but doable, worth it in my opinion and yes you can even disable Cortana. I recommend Googling how to change all of the settings that have been driving you crazy, it was the first thing i did when i upgraded the OS.



There’s been aspects of windows that have been broken since the windows 7/2012 codebase release that MS patently ignores.

As an example: Try moving a folder with several hundred sub-folders and files in a command prompt. Takes a couple milliseconds, yes? Now try the same operation in the GUI, and get a cup of [drink] while you are waiting for it to walk the ENTIRE FOLDER TREE from that point before actually moving it. MINUTES. It’s bad enough that I’ll use the GUI to get my source path, then open a command prompt, map a drive letter to the appropriate UNC, move the damn folder, and them un-map the drive letter, and it still takes less time than the GUI.

There’s a bunch of ‘quirks’ I’ve found with managing AzureAD that will never, ever be addressed, fixed, or looked at for this very reason.


That’s part of the problem: the settings are spread out in a mix of New UI / Old UI, are not easily located, and the worst part is that MS can turn them back on via an update whenever they want, and for no apparent reasoning.

Remember the windows 7 update that installed telemetry in the guise of a security update? I do. Then there was also the “monthly rollup” back in January that installed an executable whose sole purpose was to give you a fake blue screen with a dire warning that you were falling out of support, and if you clicked the OK button, started pulling down the free ‘upgrade’ to windows 10. No Thank You.


Do you know how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union?

(Because Windows versioning does.)


Thanks for posting this! I just got this update and turning it was a breeze thanks to you :slight_smile:

Seeing your discussion here, fellow mutants, reminds me all the people who can’t chose which OS they use at work.



Just guessing that it’s probably because Explorer has to do it “safely” and does a lot more stuff than the same operation on the command line that’s closer to the metal.

As an aside, as much as I loathe many things about Explorer versus Finder, Explorer actually seems to do a much better job at actual file/folder management than Finder does.

But back on topic if there’s one thing that drives me crazy about the UI design that’s been creeping into Windows since 8 it’s the lack of fucking window chrome where everything becomes essentially borderless, and encroachment on the title area where more and more shit keeps getting dropped into that space. It’s to the point where sometimes I can’t even find the fucking window I want because everything blends together if you’re using a bunch of things with like colors, or I can’t drag a window because someone decided to put a search bar where I like to click.


After all this time the most innovative thing they could think for their interface was copying Apple and it’s beyond cringeful.

I seem to remember this from Windows 98

That moment after a fresh install of Windows, when you realize that you’re going to have to hunt down and kill the sticky keys setting, and do it again for its idiot twin setting.

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nothing makes me want to stop using windows more than the windows 10 menu which searches the internet and shows you ads when you’re trying to find something on your own goram machine

unfortunately, i need windows for work


Ugh, another version of Windows to avoid as MS dumbs the OS down to the point of brain death.

At this point, I only keep Windows around for (a) work, and (b) playing games, and each new version that comes out makes me reassess my needs.

(FWIW still running Win7 with no intention of “upgrading”, ever.)

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You can change that search behavior but I can’t recall how off the top of my head. Though even disabling that the search function will not just look at your pc files but it’ll also act as a search engine so there’s some annoyances there too, I’m not sure how to change that. Not that I’ve looked hard

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