Windshield chip and crack repair can be fun but I'd rather not have to do it

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Several years ago I tried a professional to seal my spider-crack ($60), but I learned that one shouldn’t expect the crack to sort of disappear: The glass and the clear epoxy don’t share the same index of refraction.


That’s one of the big points with these, actually - I learned that back in auto mechanics in highschool - the real places that do this have different resins for different windshield types. Depends on where the crack is, though - if it isn’t in your normal field of view, then it doesn’t really matter what it looks like :slight_smile:


Important thing is to stop the windshield from de-laminating, unless the crack is right in your field of view.


Check with your insurance company. Some will pay to have chips repaired so they don’t have to pay for a full windshield replacement later. I just had a couple fixed yesterday: cost to me: $0.00 (US).


Whoa. How much is that in kwatloos?

If the damage happens because of gravel or other construction truck, remember where and what time it happen and hopefully the trucking company. If the trucks are in the area every day and it is easy to go back and record the company.
Why? Because the trucking company will buy you a whole new windshield! Trucking companies are very used to this happening and I bet will not even want to see the physical proof. This exact thing happened to me several years ago.
I had my windshield replaced, and they reimbursed me the full cost sight unseen.
It was very easy.


Procedure looks easy but I bet there is ample chance for someone like me with two left hands to fuck it up.

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That’s speaks to the most important reason to fix a crack ASAP: To keep it from propagating.


I tried this once but the epoxy cured before I was finished although it was covered with the included black plastic. Next time I am doing it at night.

You’d probably be horrified at the condition of our windshield. It’s been repaired lots, but we seem to have reached a state of needing a replacement instead of repair.

FTFY :blush:


I’ve had a noticeable chip in my windshield for a good 10 years with no further repercussions. Some people worry too much about nothing.

Two things: 1) If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, there’s a good chance that your insurance will cover a cracked windshield with no deductible. So call them!
B. If you use this resin repair and the crack is in the path of your windshield wiper, are you doomed to hear swish-THUMP whenever you’re out in the rain?


No. I can barely feel where the chip was when I run my fingers over the spot. with a bit of lube (water) the blades will easily glide over (and already have.)

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