Wine shortage looms




Thanks, Obama!


‘Guzzles’? Oh, that kinda wine. I was worried there for a minute.

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Why let facts get in the way of a good excuse to stock up on wine!


The wine shortage is a conspiracy to stop people from celebrating Christmas. I can hardly wait for the drumbeat of “Everyone is Killing Christmas!!” from Fox News. It’s like a holiday (from reality) unto itself.


Living in one of the many, many wine countries in California, I sincerely doubt that. Then again, it might be a marketing tactic to keep the “wine bubble” from popping.

This is Fox News, so there is probably a wine surplus. It’s like reading Pravda in the good old days. (Nothing happening here at Chernyobl.)

Also, watch out for Morgan Stanley. What are they selling? They haven’t been setting any great records lately.

I saw this story earlier and figured that it was a problem of not enough “investment grade” wine or something. I sincerely doubt that Trader Joes is going to have empty shelves or anything like that.

Wait, what? So, the reason 2012 sucked was there wasn’t enough booze? Well, okay.

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