Wired releases a surveillance self-defense guide

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/09/security-is-a-team-sport.html


Self defense against fluffy penises?

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Marge Simpson’s beehive I think.

Small print note: Wired may publish your private chats if the news will being clicks to Wired. (precedent: Chelsea Manning.)


I clicked on the link without thinking about where it went to, and was pleasantly surprised when the page loaded. I haven’t intentionally gone to WIRED in years, because they’d had a no-compromises ad-blocker-blocking redirect in place. I guess it’s gone.

Which is appropriate for the topic, since ads in their predominant form on the internet are a vector for malware (and hence spyware), and blocking them makes sense from a security standpoint.

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