With $35k in surgery, man turns self into elf

I’m of the same mind that it sounds like he’s hiding himself behind the image of fantasy. It’s not too far from a beauty queen being dissatisfied with who they see in the mirror and changing themselves through plastic surgery. The other thing for this gentleman to consider is that aging is rough on those that have undergone plastic surgery.

I am sorry to learn that he had a difficult childhood. Wish he would’ve found a different way to cope or work it out.


Indeed. I was going to say in response to an earlier comment that this is not “commitment” it is bordering on a psychological / mental health issue. I am uncertain how ‘ethical’ his surgeons are if they do not also require some mental health / psychological / therapist hoops be jumped before they operate. But I guess ‘elective cosmetic’ surgery is just another ‘buyer meet seller’ market and hang the consequences.

I am afraid I also do not see this story as a positive one about him achieving his desires, at all. I see it as a rather sad story, to be honest.


I don’t blame him for not wanting to be human- the only worthwhile qualities humans have that other animals don’t also possess are the things that are most practically useless (art, literature, etc.)

Spending that much money/pain to look like a non-human being is a very human thing to do.

The last lines were particularly dispiriting, though:

‘I don’t consider this an obsession, but in fantasy you have all of the hope, love, friendship and good feelings’, he said.

‘This helps me to feel like a good person but in fantasy you have to be beautiful not only on the inside but the outside too.’

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A friend of mine had to jump through all sorts of hoops and had several doctors just flat out refuse when she tried to get her tubes tied without having the required babies first.

Meanwhile there’s a vasectomy clinic in town that promises same-day appointments and hands you a clinic-branded Leatherman when you hobble out…

It’s all so weird almost like there are double standards or something.


I have similar thoughts reading this story to when I read/hear about breast augmentation.

Namely: If this is what the person needs to be comfortable in their own body, more power to them… but I can’t help thinking that if it was possible, it would probably be healthier to adapt the mind to accept the body it’s in, rather than change the body to fit.

In certain circumstances, I get how that’s not possible, so again, if that’s what the guy needs, then I’m all for whatever keeps him sane. I just hope that this is what he needs.


How tall is he now? Because unless he’s already 6’5" that’s really going to suck.


So that explains this guy:


Plastic surgery, silicone injections, skin bleaching… expensive, but relatively minor.

Limb lengthening?!? I didn’t see anywhere in the article about what his current height is, but that’s a horribly painful operation that’ll put you in leg-braces for over a year for even just an inch or so of growth. That’s a bonkers level of commitment.

There’s also the bit about removing four ribs to slim his waistline. Gaahh.


Definitely shows that people with old school mentalities don’t take gender identity seriously, especially when insecure people can get a bunch of plastic surgery with no one to stop them.

On the flipside, at least they way things are set up it makes it clear that the people that want to transition are not messing around.


I never would have imagined Lee Pace in that role and yet he was pretty much the best thing in the whole trilogy (I confess a shameful love for that ridiculous barrel escape sequence).


…then one day the money ran out, then, once the supplies ran out the horror show began: A pathetic middle-aged guy who once looked sort of like an Elf now just looked sad and wasted. A second rate Gollum who scared children off the street.

It will not end well.


Sadly someone alreadyposted jeffsessions.jpg


He was well cast in that particular role but i find it hard to enjoy The Hobbit movies, especially after watching the second one.

Still think the best version of the book is the animated one


They really weren’t very good. But Lee Pace devouring scenery and being faaaaaaabulous is good fun.


man turns self into elf

That’s an awful lot of money to spend for something you could do with a little white-out or a press of the ‘delete’ key.


I come at it from the body mod side. It’s a set of extreme mods but individually they are all procedures that get done as a part of normal practice.

I’m just jealous that he can whip out a check for the total and someone will do it. There are only a handful of surgeons that create nice dicks out there and a lot of them still require psych letters.


That is the worst. There is a huge double standard for women with that. You can fix shop for it. Eventually there will be someone that will take your money. It’s not right though.


I agree somewhat, but when you are rushed for time because the current administration is gonna pull your trans healthcare coverage it makes it an issue.


So, prior to reading this I had no idea that there even was a surgery to change eye color. Apparently iris implants are a thing that’s done now, and let me just say: Sweet jesus there is no way I’m ever letting anyone fuck around with my eyes like that! The only reason anyone’s taking a scalpel to my eyes is if blindness is the alternative.

It also doesn’t hurt if you start pretty. His before pictures are already good looks & high cheekbones


I don’t know enough about it not being someone that has a different gender identity than what they were born with. I do like to pick people’s brains on it when the opportunity presents itself. If you haven’t had your surgery yet i wish you the best by the way :slight_smile: