With "Boober Eats" Portland strippers continue to serve the populace

It is from BBC Good Food site, not one of mine, :blush:

Late Stage Capitalism FTW!

I was confused too, and I’ve never been to Cornwall…


From the article:

But social distancing seemed to be a struggle for the women themselves. The club has turned into the headquarters for Boober Eats, and on Friday, it remained full of dancers, delivery drivers and members of the media. Some of the dancers greeted each other with hugs and took selfies together.

sad trombone sound



Fully clothed, apron adorned, hair netted, masked and gloved food prep. 10/10.

I wonder how a stripper would react to getting tipped in toilet paper right now?
start with $5 then $20 to build up to it of course.

Hopefully, this will keep everything from going tits up…

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It starts out as a slightly kooky report. All nice, warm and fuzzy.
At 1:11 the bearded guy says “I try to emply everyboyd that … works here”.
Then later on I realise the strippers are paid tips only, and operate as independent contractors.
I couldn’t watch the rest of the video as I got so furious. That owner is an absolute piece of shit.


Are you sure that’s the case?

I got the impression that everyone involved was getting paid. At one point someone says - “Everyone is making just over minimum wage.”

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This is literally a soft-core version of late 70s porno “Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls”…

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eh, okay.

-1,000,000,000 points for the terrible name though.

Getting a roll under a g-string is going to be a challenge unless she’s wearing something really stretchy.

eewww thats not I what was thinking at all I was just thinking putting the bills and then the tp on the stage I just visualized the g string version and the store is out of bleach for my eye… Thanks.

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