Witnessing the construction of a traditional Finnish log house is strangely soothing


Here’s the modern version, from the same youtube channel:


I prefer scots pine tar. Mmm candy.


So obligatory that it was already here.


We usually build it next to the summer cottage.


I don’t know, I have to Czech.


So,years ago, us work colleagues (rooming together until we could afford our own places in “so-affordable” SoCal) were sitting on the couch and watching an original series ST episode. I yelled out (and suggestively so, and beautifully timed) “Captain’s log!!” Reactions differed, but one did include “Thanks for ruining ST for me forever!!”


I refuse to Dane to recognize that pun.


Neither will I. Norway, no how.


yes, a primary duty of Finnish forest rangers is to rescue metal bands who have gotten lost during album cover and music video shoots.


see also the Alone in the Wilderness series. it was a staple on the local PBS station during pledge week for some reason.


These country-based puns are very Bulgar. You should be physically punished - maybe I’ll Estonia. It’s making me Hungary for some Swede. I’ll Latvia know when I’m Finnished (bringing us back to where it started).

ETA Forgot to say … this video IS a wonderful thing. More like this, please. :wink:


This is pretty much the polar opposite of the previous build videos here.


Hard work has never bothered me, I can sit and watch people do it for hours.


That’s a lot of filament.


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