Witnessing the construction of a traditional Finnish log house is strangely soothing


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Such a long video, I thought they would never Finnish.


Does it include the celebratory fish slapping at the end?


The country where I want to be.


Eating breakfast or dinner, or snack lunch in the hall


Watching other people work is always relaxing…as long as they are competent.


Where’s the sauna?


I don’t know what it says about me that I stopped the video partway through to do this:


Ahhh, Finland. Like Canada, but more Metal.


Ahh just when I needed to be strangely soothed.




At least they weren’t Russian.


When do they rake the forest?


Meh. In a few years we’ll be able to 3D print entire houses, including paint, furniture, and landscaping, in an hour. Millions of them will be built, employing no workers, and be affordable to nobody.


When I got to visit Finland, one of the things that struck me was how every time I wandered out into the woods, I ran into a Heavy Metal concert. True story!


It’s the weirdest thing, how Thrash Metal is so popular in this country of folk who are so mild and introverted on the surface. I dont think they’d object to Slayer writing their national anthem.

I love Finland BTW.


Obligatory song stuck in my head is obligatory.


Also where US and Canadian log cabin traditions can be traced to https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_cabin


The “tar” mentioned is also made from wood: