Wolf chases goat across sheer cliff


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Wolves love goat cheese.


Tactical error on the kid’s part… It had an advantage in mobility while it stayed on the cliff face.


The wolf wins.

I wish I’d known that before I watched. And while I rationally know that it’s the circle of life, predators catching prey is the primary reason why I won’t watch nature shows anymore.


Agreed. I have all the significant prey-gets-caught sequences memorized from most of the David Attenborough documentaries on Netflix that I just skip through on rewatch.

It’s usually not as much of a problem if the focus is postive on the predator in the segment, but there are some sequences (Southern Killer Whales chasing a Minke Whale, for example,) that I can’t handle.


That’s actually a coyote.


Yea, I’m normally a bit too sensitive to watch that kind of thing, but I did watch this one, and I have to admit the canine was impressive.


Kids these days…


I found the previous post: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/20/michael-jacksons-billie-je.html makes for a surprising nice soundtrack for the chase.


I was wondering about that.

Big coyote, or maybe a lean southwestern (“Mexican”) wolf.


Remember: if you watch a show like that and you’re rooting for the prey to escape, you’re also rooting for these widdle guys to starve.


I am sure that little goat had cancer or whatever and was doomed anyway. Right?


Goats can be cute, but puppies are literally weaponized cuteness.


I recognize the expression on the wolf / coyote’s face: WHEEEE! HA-HAH GONNA GET IT! . . . my last dog had a SERIOUS prey drive.

Kira never managed to catch a tree squirrel, but she did nail a few mice and moles, and once, horribly, a ground-dwelling squirrel. She instantly lost interest in the thing after she tore it open, leaving me to say “sorry dude!” as it passed on. Kira didn’t even try to eat it.

I guess if she was a hungry wild canine she would have finished the “game” part by actually eating the critters.

Oh . . . Kira did manage to catch and eat, whole and live, one or two little birdies that she snagged from inadequate hiding places in bushes. That was freaking sad; once the bird’s mate or friend twittered around as the little legs disappeared down her throat.

My new shepherd barks and lunges at squirrels and cats, but she won’t tear up a meadow looking for the moles she smells there.


That’s what my group of watchers agreed on as well.


I watched this while listening to the Morricone-ized version of MJ’s Billie Jean posted on BB earlier. They go together surprisingly well…



The way you describe this, it sounds like your dog killed the birds while it was off leash. If so, that’s on you. Household pets, especially cats, decimate local wildlife.


Kira WAS on leash, and a short (6’) one at that. She jammed her head into a bush running along a sidewalk and came out with a bird. Happened dramatically fast in both cases.

That was also the case with the ground squirrel, whose hole was under a bush.

(Addendum: Kira showed no interest in small birds when they were on the ground and flitting about. But a moving critter hidden in a bush triggered some kind of “GET IT!” response. OTOH she once found a medium sized dead bird and ate it, whole, while looking at me with a triumphant expression.)


The way I read this, I assumed Kira was in her backyard because people have bushes in their backyards.