Woman adds vaginal yeast to sourdough starter, Internet flips out

I’m loafing right now. I’d have a light switch rave if I was feeling more energetic.


I know, right? The light switch is way over there. It might even be YARDS away.


The hardest part is keeping the starter (herman) in your hoohaa inbetween batches. :slight_smile:

Earlier today i posted a link on the cooking thread about a traditional american bread that uses bacteria instead of yeast and tastes like cheese. One doctor even made bread from the bacteria from a patients gangrenous wound (bleck).


Fucking A!

How about a carton of yogurt?

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Context is important. E. coli, that killer, was reported this week as being responsible for signaling fullness in our own guts. Not even our own systems know when to stop feeding, apparently; we need the bacteria to tell us. And it’s E. coli of all things!!! What a world.


So are you saying you’d butter those muffins?

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So yeah, it gets hot and probably it all dies . . . . . . but, oral candidiasis:

Nope, no thanks, not on a dare, not with a hare, not on a house, not with a mouse.

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Ah, so I’m un-hip if I’m grossed out by this, I get it.

Color me un-hip.

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Being grossed out? Sure, whatever.

Being an histrionic whiner? Super obnoxious.

You’re not an histrionic whiner.


Nah, doesn’t have anything to do with hipness. It doesn’t gross me out at all, and I’m as unhip as can be. I’ve never liked sourdough to begin with, not because of how it’s made, but because it’s sour. But I’d happily try this recipe to see what it’s like. I have no illusions about the cleanliness of my mouth or the things I ingest (I’ll eat M&Ms off the rear floormats of other people’s cars, it’s true, but even my most properly-sourced and -handled food is far from sterile), and vaginas seem like as delectable a source for yeast or bacteria as any other.



Well that’s an evolution from making art with your own feces. Anyway, thanks for ruining my appetite for bread. I’ll rather be with the bigots in this case.

Yeah, I’ve made hard cider using traditional methods and it’s really uneven because it’s just whatever combination of yeast and bacteria happened to be around when crushing the apples. Sourdough bread’s the same way - though I find it tends to be more consistent, something that’s not true, apparently, with the traditional bacteria-risen breads (one of the reasons they fell out of favor). But there’s certain “gross” bacteria you don’t necessarily want in your food but can’t control enough to keep out, whereas with some foods, bacteria found on the human body are crucial ingredients without which you can’t even make it. When it comes to the commercially available bacteria used for various fermented food products (e.g. yoghurt), they were likely isolated and cultured directly from human feces in the last 30 years.

Yeah, nothing wrong with E.coli - most of it’s good for you. Gut flora play some pretty important roles in mental states besides satiety - mood, mental sharpness, etc.


I was once told that in rural parts of East Anglia young women would keep a small piece of fish in their public areas for a day or two and then incorporate it in a dinner to be served to the person they wanted to marry. It was believed that this piece of rural magic would keep them faithful. “Funny, this piece of fish tastes of fish”.


Haha, gross. I’d try it.

First babies, now bread. Vaginas can make all kinds of stuff. I always knew they were magical.


You say that as if you expected me to reply, “Pix or it didn’t happen!”

Haven’t you heard the saying “I’ve got a bun in the oven.” :slight_smile:


I’m curious how you manage to be enough of a Zelazny fan to use his name and his most famous character’s in your username, but not enough of a fan to actually spell it properly.


No, I was explaining why I was aware of this bit of apparent trivia.