Woman at Johnson County, Kansas commissioners meeting says anyone who votes "yes" on mask mandates will be "tried for crimes against humanity"

a search for Screen Shot 19 will bring up plenty of results from the usual conspiracy mongers.

Life used to be simpler when my hate was pure. Now that I am beginning to mellow with age, I can’t even unequivocally wish for her to realize her utter stupidity while breathing her last on a respirator with COVID in a hospital bed anymore.


Don’t worry, others will do it for you. Happy to help. :wink:


Sadly, yes. Texas, specifically, outlawed the teaching of critical thinking skills on the grounds that “it could cause children to question received wisdom.” And they clearly feel that is a terrible thing.


I can confirm that I am unable to get through to my local acquaintances in rural Indiana on subjects such as vaccines, masks, etc. because they already know that they are so much smarter than I am and therefore what I think is true is due to my ignorance and gullibility.

The war has to be fought and won further up the food chain. Too many individuals have already been fully inculcated into the ranks.


Interesting reference and thanks for posting, but I couldn’t help but laugh at this quoted passage:

Not long ago, Kansas would have responded to the current situation by making the bastards pay. This would have been a political certainty, as predictable as what happens when you touch a match to a puddle of gasoline.

The match goes out…


I imagine she also “thinks” she dresses with great style.

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Can confirm. I have a friend who is faculty in the Austin Independent School District. She told me of the meeting where the critical thinking phrase was officially removed from the district’s mission statement. This was maybe 10 years ago.1

I was… flabbergasted.

My partner and I took what amounted to a vow of poverty and paid for a progressive Montessori- and International Baccalaureate-based set of schools because we are not willing to raise humans who can’t think critically–this much we owe them.2 Worth every penny. Now I can’t win most arguments because all the thinky-bits we invested in mean I am outsmarted routinely. I have had to sharpen my debate skills as a parent.

  1. So even good ol’ Austin ISD bailed over a decade ago on teaching critical thinking skills. Austin. A liberal bastion with a lot of Half Price bookstores and several universities/college.

  2. Our fam lives outside the AISD district, and our home district is even more opposed to critical thinking skills than AISD.


The good news here is the Johnson County Commissioners voted 5 to 2 in favor of listening to medical professionals over the unhinged rantings of the GQP cult.

One take away from this was some new rw talking points. Much concern over the recall of PCR tests. Also a now withdrawn study claiming dangerous levels of carbon dioxide for kids wearing mask. That one floated by a member of the commissioners, also debunked shortly after my another commissioner.


Yeah. Outside Austin there are some serious enclaves of right wing nuttery. Like Leander ISD, home of ridiculous book bans.

Listening to people like this is so disheartening. They are so far in and I can’t think of a way to pull them out of the quagmire they are voluntarily drowning in.


That word salad would pair well with a nice bullshit vinaigrette.


They just have different values than you.

Like, they value being white. And christian. And being rich.


“Children don’t disappear. Eight hundred thousand children disappeared.”
OK, which is it?


The virus is manufactured in order to convince us to inject ourselves with the vaccine spike protein bio-weapon.

I’ve heard it all before.

Now people are posting their own, “look what I saw at my board meeting,” in the comments.

And here’s a light palate cleanser:


Liking this meme from Wear the Mask, Wash Hands, Social Distance.


Perhaps this citizen was attempting to appeal to qanon candidates.


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Doctor, don’t you have a responsibility not to smoke in the ICU?


Don’t worry nurse, it’s filled with healthy, delicious frop!