Antimasker Ted Cruz sends his kids to a private school with a mandatory mask policy

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Christ, what a fucking maskhole.


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and not one of his voters will care.


How dare that private school violate the First Amendment like that. He should write a letter to his senator.


For additional irony, know this:
Texas lawmakers have a vaccine passport system in place for both lawmakers and those visiting the lawmakers. You need to be tested daily or show vaccine status. They even issue wrist bands, for crying out loud.

So while they are actively trying to kill their citizens, they are secretly protecting themselves from the virus. Tell me again this isn’t a death cult?


There is is again: sneaky private vaccines and all precautions to the ruling evil gqp elite, but death and destruction to all their loyal moron minions. i just don’t see how they think this will end up profiting them; they’re solipsistically evil, not generally stupid (“Well, louie gomert, gym jordan, devin nunes…”)

“Soon! soon! we’ll not need any minions or sycophants at all! bwahahah! throw the megagerrymander switch Igor! … Igor? where are you Igor?”


They’re looking at their districts and working to hedge their bets in red states so that they can rig the next two major elections. That’s just in case too many members of their base follow their advice and die as a result. That’s how they intend to profit in terms of power. I’m sure a search of campaign contributions, GQP merch, investments in healthcare, vaccines, and “woo”-based COVID treatments would reveal who is profiting in terms of money.


It’s quite obvious at this point that this is just a mass human sacrifice to Moloch to gain / regain / stay forever in power and the poor sheep are willingly and enthusiastically going to the slaughter.


For additional additional irony, Texas’ only governor, Greg Abbott, has issued an executive order barring any kind of mask or vaccine mandate by any state agency or private business that depends on a state agency for any kind of licensing, presumably including the school that Ted Cruz’ kids go to.


At Fox News, when you get vaccinated you get a stamp for your security badge (or something, I don’t know. Some sort of “pass”). If you don’t have a pass, you have to get a COVID screening daily and wear masks.

These are required before you can go on the air to talk about how vaccines are dangerous and masks are tyranny.

This has been in the news for weeks now, and the dupes still accept their anti-vax, anti-mask rhetoric from a company that enforces science internally.

(Should I put that in the form of a question for Jeopardy? “How stupid do you have to be to believe that Fox News is on your side on anything?”)


So, Senator Cruz, when are you going to remove your kids from this oppressive private school and place them in a public school where the delta flies free?

He’ll think about it during his next vacation to Cancun during the delta variant surge in Texas.

Texas Republicans who keep voting for this slimy, sweaty Joe McCarthy wannabe surely most top the list of America’s most stupid citizens.


Like most examples of the times we find ourselves in, these aren’t long term plans, just plans that get them to another term.

See: environment, big business, and everything else on the short-term thinker doom plan.


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The most generous take I can think of is he’s saying that people should be free to make any choice they want even if the choice is a bad one. It completely falls apart when you start thinking about how these bad choices are not just bad for the individual, but also terrible for society as a whole.

Maybe I should stop trying to be generous.


Considering that Moloch worship specifically requires the sacrifice of children, you may be on to something.


What I wouldn’t give for a real life celebrity death match between Rafael Cruz and Rand Paul.

Pay per view would be able to fund the infrastructure bill.


Because of course he does.


Weeeell, it IS a very extensive and competitive field.


Came here to say this. Not disppointed.

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There was this:

“Abbott also announced Monday he was asking state agencies to open additional COVID-19 antibody infusion centers that aim to treat COVID-19 patients with therapeutic drugs and keep them from requiring hospitalization.”

There are lots of press releases from the health industry about how great antibody infusion is, but I can’t find any solid evidence that it works. It is expensive and remunerative for the private hospitals providing it, though.