Texas governor bans Covid vaccine mandates

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Sigh… more shame to my house.


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What’s sad is that he’s probably going to win re-election.

He’s giving the Democrats so much material to use. Covid and the power grid failure are rich with all kinds of soundbites and video clips that could be used in a devastating ad campaign.

The Republicans would absolutely not hesitate to crank that up to 11.

But the Democrats don’t. They really need to. I hope whoever runs hammers that stuff into the ground, but I am not hopeful.


Anyone who thought FDA approval of Covid vaccines would change the politics for conservatives

That was always a bad faith argument. Even if the heavens split open and the voice of almighty God herself rang across the Earth ordering the faithful get vaccinated, they would still find some pretzel logic to refuse vaccination and masking.

There is more I’d like to add, but really? It’s been said a hundred thousand times already on BB BBS, by myself and others.


He’s just trying to bring economic prosperity to Texas by making it the COVID variant production centre of the U.S.

But they won’t. The Lincoln Project doesn’t hold a monopoly on clever, vicious and funny ad makers, so this is a deliberate choice by the Dem establishment (which continues to delude itself that the GOP hasn’t become a death cult and that it will still deal with them in good faith).


Very true. And the sad question is – why? Because their god-emperor couldn’t accept back in March/April of 2021 that his minimization of COVID had been misguided, so he doubled down.


It is like they say: “dulce et decorum est pro Trumpia mori.”

Only they don’t say that because they’re against all that fancy Latin American talk.


At which point can these governors be charged with reckless endangerment?


I’ve never understood this about the Democrat’s campaign ads, it makes not sense.

If a Democrat said something like “We should devote more money to social workers to respond to events that don’t require a police officer”. The Republican ad would be “Democrat wants you to DIE and supports criminals!”.

In this case, the Republican is literally implementing policy against public health that will cause people to die. Democrat ad will be something like “Republican overstepped executive bounds, slightly, just a little, it’s a nuanced policy that we don’t support.”


oh texas, you’re like a predictable netflix movie.


Abbott: I ban vaccine mandates!

Texas Schools and judges: Yeah, that’s stupid. Ignore him.

Abbott: …well, I ban them AGAIN!


This two party system is so great! On the one hand, we have the party of gubernatorial serial killers, theocratic fascists, and sociopathic randian fuckbois. On the other, we have a coalition of progressives and milquetoasts whose main claim to fame is that they are slightly to the left of the jesus taliban.

The American Great Filter is apparently willful, malicious, weaponized stupidity.


I found this online, this morning:

Jacobson vs Massachusettes
Supreme Court, 1905

“Real liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own (liberty), whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others.”

“the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.”


I understand that there’s a political rationale here. After all, death cult.

But IANAL, so I’d appreciate hearing from someone who is: What would be the legal defense of this, should it end up in court? Given that there are already vaccine mandates, how could a ban on a specific, FDA-approved vaccine stand up in court?


In theory, it has no chance of holding up. In practice, the SC is now 6-3 in favor of bullshit.


While absolutely true, I still maintain that the FDA has killed many, many more people by how it operates than most sources credit it with. Banning testing early on, ensuring we had no chance of catching the earliest cases. Not allowing human challenge trials in healthy young volunteers for vaccines, slowing down testing by months. Dragging its heels reviewing studies and scheduling meetings, slowing down EUA approvals by months more. Insisting immune systems might somehow work differently in different countries, ensuring the US had fewer options of vaccines to buy and forcing us to sit on huge numbers of doses. Generating massive additional FUD by pausing J&J shots because of a side effect that occurred at a rate lower than the base rate in the relevant populations, and which is actually also a complication of covid which the vaccine makes much less likely. Insisting on expanding the trials for vaccinating kids far beyond the point that any side effect that hadn’t yet shown up would, as a matter of proper study design, necessarily be too rare or too weak to be as dangerous as not being vaccinated is.

With that track record, if I were opposed to vaccine mandates before, I wouldn’t trust the FDA enough for its announcements to change my mind, either.

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Sorry, but your mistrust stems from them being too thorough? And you think that too-thoroughness is a reason people will trust them less? Do I have that right?



Is there an economic benefit to killing off a large number of people? Are Abbott and Desantis counting on a post-black-death renaissance happening in time for the primaries?