Woman attacked by "High Elf" speaks out


I’m fairly sure that was just a very very very high human.


Police said he told them he was a “high elf” battling Morgoth, an evil character in Lord of the Rings.

The High Elves battled Morgoth in the Silmarilion. You would have to be really delusional to think the High Elves battled Morgoth in the Lord of the Rings.


And . . . since we’re nit-picking, the “high elf” states that he thought MAYBE he had plunged the sword through her roof. (And we all know what a reliable witness he’ll be.) The driver and other witnesses only refer to elf-boy damaging the hood of her car, not the roof. Totally different matter and much more serious; that might take things into the “assault with a deadly weapon” and “attempted murder” territories.

This is so freakin’ METAL!

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I think that this guy did the right thing. If Morgoth were going to do evil in this world, I am sure that he would assume the form of a middle-aged woman to fit in and assume a name like “Sue Bales.” The teenage daughter was probably a demon in human form.

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“When asked if he regrets what happened, Bass said, ‘I mean, yeah, to a certain point.’”

To a certain point?! What a dick.


Christ what a High Elfhole.


My teenage daughter certainly is.


I don’t want to know!!! I have one daughter becoming a teenager soon, and three others following her within a few years. Lalalala. I can’t hear you!

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IANAL, but I’m not sure I agree. I think it’s assault either way. Pointing a sword at somebody might be more hilarious than a gun - but it’s still deadly. Dude needs to be off the street for a nice long time, with bars between him and his dealer.

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I’d hate to offer another data point here, but… Never mind.

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Seems that this guy is very dangerous when high. But the dealer is dangerous when sober. I agree about the bars, but as for who needs to go away for a long time, I’m usually going to say the predator, and not the prey, should be the target of penal action.

His regrets were probably not consuming more drugs.

I’m pretty sure that * “to a certain point”* in this case is an euphemism for * “not really”*. You don’t hold on regrets when you’re actually regretful. If you’re sorry, you regret everything, you wish it didn’t happen.

Now it looks like he will attack a Toyota if he gets the chance.

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