Woman claims dead father was secret serial killer behind 50 to 70 murders in Iowa

Originally published at: Woman claims dead father was secret serial killer behind 50 to 70 murders in Iowa | Boing Boing

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Since she has specific information on where bodies are supposedly buried it seems like it should be an easy claim to verify if true. If not, she wouldn’t be the first person to make similar unsubstantiated claims about a dead parent.

This line of logic is weird though:


Maybe check the crawlspace?


Yeah. I’d rather they check it out and find nothing than refuse to check it out when there’s something there.

The Kansas City PD is getting flack right now for ignoring reports of a serial killer that are looking more and more to be true:


I caught on that same line. Might be unrelated, but overly controlling men make great serial killers.


as a child she assisted him in disposing of the corpses on their land, including dumping them in a well

Holy guacamole…


Who’s on the scene? You is! Oh yes, you is! Good Cadaver Dog!

Now I’ve got that out of my system; I hope that this tale isn’t true, but, with so many people going missing, I feel it sadly could be. :cry:


VPD for years largely ignored claims that a serial killer was preying on prostitutes in Vancouver BC’s Downtown East Side (DTES). It proved to be true and remains at the family’s pig farm were found as hundreds of police and BCIT forensics students sieved tons of soil to recover partial remains of dozens of women, many of them indigenous. He is thought to have murdered as many as 65 women.


And this bit. This is why people prey on sex workers. They don’t get reported as missing. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Seems like a pretty myopic statement from whomever made it.


Or if someone does call, the police will discourage them from actually making an official report, because “She’ll probably turn up in a few days, why don’t you wait a bit.”


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