Woman declares she is god, attempts to open airplane door while in-flight

Wow, what a mistake. What if she’s right? You’ve just angered at least one god, which is never a good idea. If any of you were actually on that flight, I would be preparing some sacrifices.

Oh the other hand, if she’s wrong, it doesn’t really cost the pilot anything.


I believe she was on an airplane. Aeroplanes may work differently.


Potatoes are a helluva drug…

If she’s right and was quickly subdued by cabin staff, then she’s not a very powerful god is she? Only a bit more powerful than Yahweh since everyone could see and hear her and there’s a recording.


Gods really don’t have it easy these days. The religious market is cornered by the monotheistic monopolies and the barriers to entry for new gods appear to be rather high. Some two millennia ago she might have been more successful. On the other hand she may have been lucky. Jesus ended up getting crucified (allegedly) instead of being pumped full with anti-psychotics. Arguably the former is worse than the latter.

Also, I might finally make some use of this tangentially related gif.



Good point, except that oh wait yes it obviously would.

Just because you don’t want your audience to escape from constant, hopelessly confused bovine terror, it doesn’t mean they can’t.


Should have let her do it. Besides the door opening proof of deity, I’d like to see her walk out of the plane and stroll off across the sky.

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O ye of little faith.


Pffff… everybody knows God only flies private jets.

Unfortunately, she’s the god of U.S. general elections and now we’ve pissed her off.

November 6th will not end well.

That said, letting someone who has lost grip on reality free reign to do whatever they want is usually not the best policy.

Nah. The best policy is to make them President.


Yup. You’d need specially calibrated scientific instruments to measure how little if any.



You forgot to subtract atmospheric pressure…

I wish the narrator would have shut up so we could actually hear her make her claims. Maybe she had a valid point.


My understanding is that the pushback from the atmospheric pressure was already included in that figure. If not, atmospheric pressure at cruising altitude is in the 1-2 psi range, so it’s not going to reduce the force required to anything even close to what a person can do.

While I was interning/PAing at a local TV news station, the planning desk received a call from God. They threw the call over to the new grunt.

GOD (slowly): I want to keep a lowwww profile.

ME: On behalf of the news department, I can promise we will not do any news story about you.

GOD: Thank You.


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