Woman exacts revenge for 15 years on man who spit on her friend

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Not defending a misogynistic asshole but stalking a guy for 15 years? Wow!

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Yuck. The guy sounds like a real creep but it can’t be good for anyone’s mental health to dedicate so many years of their life to making someone else miserable even if they deserve it.


Devoting that much energy in a trash person is exhausting to me, i just never think about them again and live my life.

That said… the only time i exacted petty revenge on someone was a manager when i worked at a retail store, that manager was a real POS and two faced and was the reason the store had high turnover. One day she sets aside a set of small ceramic purple bowls that were on clearance so that her and her SO could enjoy ice cream in them, we were allowed to keep things on hold for a week and during that time she did not buy them. I was working customer service in the back and instead of asking her if she still wanted them i bought them immediately, i still use them, mostly for dipping sauces and when i’m prepping ingredients before cooking. Every time i use them it brings me satisfaction :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh driving trollies with spoilers is weird and petty but it also sounds like the fiancee dodged a bullet because of her.

Woman to woman I have to fist bump this lady for sparing some one a marriage to a person who wasn’t who they seemed. I mean it’s not like she knew he was going to be in the same class as her. And finding out you’ve married an asshole when they drop the act after a couple years sucks massively.

Anyway imma mute this because I don’t want to deal with the obligatory wave of misogyny that’s gonna come up here but I’m glad that one lady didn’t end up married to a jerk. And I hope more women are not shamed into putting up with assholes because men on the Internet would prefer that they do so…


Yet, that’s what the assholes depend upon to keep on being assholes. :man_shrugging:


Did you read the OP, because she dropped after a while, and came back to it, because a friend of hers was engaged to him, and she apparently found some he’d been posting fucked up stuff. That’s not revenge, that’s saving her friend from what sounds like a huge mistake. She wasn’t straight stalking him for 15 years…




What this person isn’t even a blip on the screen of what toxic bros do in real life and on the internet. Stalked? Give me a effing break. Sending spoilers for a few years is harmless. Dude didn’t get doxxed, he wasn’t harrased, and he didn’t feel the fear that women feel when they are “stalked.”

She coincidentally found out he was engaged to a woman she knew. She helped this woman make an informed decision. I say kudos to her.


It sounds like he was likely posting intimate images of her friend, too (or maybe someone else he was claiming was her?) Either way, ”pretty sinister stuff”. Who knows where that would have ended up in a marriage. Dude’s probably still out there ruining someone else’s life.


I know about revenge being served cold, but at this point, the kitchen is closed and all the waitstaff have left. Come on, now.


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Yeah… But women are expected to polite accept our abuse, while any push back is considered uncivil at best…


I wonder how many people are just reading the headline, seeing 15 years, and reacting to what they imagine that implies rather than taking time to read the article or watch the video.

Outrage culture kwim.

Or maybe people just actually think if your friend was marrying some one you knew was an asshole you should keep quiet and let the asshole do their thing because you’re one of the good ones who doesn’t look out for friends.

I dunno.

Neither thought is encouraging.


She tracked him down online, created fake accounts specifically to harass him (even if mildly), nursed a grudge for over a decade and ultimately broke up his engagement (not her business even if most people agree it was justified).

That meets the definition of stalking in my book - even if it doesn’t measure up to the same degree that women experience.

Regardless of gender, we should be careful of excusing this behavior.

I worry a bit for the woman and the years of spoilers. That’s a lot of time and emotional energy spent on an asshole. Then again, maybe it was fun for her.

Checking the reddit account of someone she knew was an asshole when she found out her friend was engaged to said asshole? That’s just due diligence

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I don’t see the point of wasting my emotional energy on a trash person i’ll never see again. On the flip side if they’re still around then sure, become their arch enemy, plot their downfall, warn people about them etc.

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Then there’s the mental state of her friend who was spat on and cruelly insulted. Linda must have seen the effect the event had on her as it happened and perhaps long after. As much as we can assume that Linda was driven solely by her own anger, an assumption could be made that she may well have been doing it all on her own and all for the benefit of her friend. The way I see it, two good friends well-served beats one flattened asshole any time of the day.


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It’s fucking facebook, dude. That’s hardly “tracking” someone down, since a good chunk of the fucking planet is on facebook!

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See this:

She literally saved another woman from ending up chained to this dipshit.

And the article is from the NY Post, not exactly known for fair and accurate framing on people they deem too “woke”… you know, like being a woman who stands up for herself or others and isn’t completely subservient to men.

All she did was making a misogynists life slightly less enjoyable and then used her knowledge of this guy to help another woman. Solidarity forever, I say… :woman_shrugging:

The only real thing unhinged here is how the NY Post framed the story…

Which, frankly, the actual details of the story doesn’t support that interpretation.

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Reverse the genders and see how charitable you’d be then.

Stalking is stalking. It’s not tolerable when men do it and it shouldn’t be excused when women do it…regardless of why.

Spoiling a tv show is hardly the same as being spit on, yelled at, and publicly intimidated at a comedy club. But

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