Woman harasses package delivery person

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Regulatory Karen’s are everywhere. Apologies to nice Karen’s.


You made me wait.”

Yeah, she obviously has no time to spare.

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Yeah, I was wondering what happened in the transition between the initial badgering and her actually sitting in/on the delivery truck, presumably as some form of Citizen Karen’s arrest. I’m semi-fascinated as to what would have actually satisfied her as a reasonable outcome to this “problem.” The delivery driver on her knees, begging for forgiveness? Jeff Bezos helicoptering in and firing the driver on the spot?


I understand that delivery drivers are just people trying to do their job, and that woman’s behavior is inexcusable. I’m not in any way defending her, but…

The emergence of Amazon as the main shopping method for most of the country, coupled with the rise of other delivery services like Door Dash, Instacart, Uber Eats, etc., has changed the dynamic in my neighborhood.

I live on a narrow residential street. It used to be once every few weeks there would be a moving truck or contractor’s van that would park and block half the street, and that was fine. I live in a city, and people need to move in or have thier plumbing fixed or whatever.

But Amazon saw this and thought, “we can do without a physical store if we use the public streets for the process of selling and delivering products.”

Today in my neighborhood, there will probably be over a dozen trucks - FedEx, Amazon vans, DHL, some grub hub dude’s car, blocking half the street for a few minutes. I know it is a minor inconvenience, and it’s a real first world problem that my residential street (that I really don’t drive on much) is partially blocked for brief periods more frequently. I get that.

But Amazon’s big innovations are avoiding employment and minimum wage laws by classifying their employees as independent contractors, and using public resources to replace costly infrastructure. And I’m concerned about how this becomes the new normal, and then the next “innovation” will be more intrusive and that will become the new normal.


the villages?


I live on a very narrow, as in 11 feet wide, street.

All of our drivers are courteous and respectul to any resident trying to get down the road.

Yet I have a couple neighbors, who are scared to death of online anything, that hassle drivers every time.

Last year two neighbors even blocked the way of a young woman who was just trying to make a delivery to another neighbor.

I walked over, apologized, and gave her 20 bucks.

We love all of the delivery drivers that bring us stuff.

I was hoping we’d find out who she was when she asked don’t you know who I am.


“I say, could you let me know your name?”

Also, Is she Ronnie Pickering?

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I love how she said that like anyone would actually care. Lady, the driver would have been in and out of that spot in less than a minute if you hadn’t have started up your whining. Anyone who uses that phrase is first and foremost a laughing stock, regardless of whom else they might be in their tiny little pond.


I live on something called a “walk street,” and deliveries either come via a truck parking in a shitty double-parked road-blocking spot and then are hand trucked ½ a block down the street – or via the alley, which some buildings may not have access available. I do not blame the inconvenience of “One Man’s Utopian Neighborhood design” not working with delivery methods 110 years later on the delivery person.


When someone asks, “do you know who I am,” the answer is always, “someone far less special than they think they are.”


Or “No, should I?”
That kind of depends on if the person is getting ready to be physically hostile or not, though…


The other answer is

Yes - you’re the local arsehole everyone round here hates and wishes would fuck off and mind their own business.


I usually just think up a silly name.

And sometimes a fraction of a fictional biography, like “didn’t you sell me my first car?”


Oh - you must be that terribly famous Karen Busybody I’ve heard so much about!


Yep. And not just them. There was a post about a new drive thru somewhere that had cars lined up for 1/4 mile down the street that got me thinking the same thing. I don’t think it applies, necessarily, in this condo parking lot, but in general, it’s a troubling trend. It could be lessened if they’d bother to synchronize deliveries, but alas, I guess that’s one feat of logistics too far.

OMG, i love this idea so much. “Oh, yeah, weren’t you Dr. Plink’s assistant back when my mom was visiting her? Didn’t you get busted for prescription fraud? Surprised to see you out so soon!”


Just like any other abusive industry, you can’t blame the line workers for taking jobs with them.


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