Woman in 1860 painting depicts a time traveler using her iPhone

Painting from 1860 depicts a time traveler using her iPhone


Why “iPhone”? Why a specific make and model? Why not “smartphone” or “phone”?


Wouldn’t a time traveler wear a wireless recharge shirt under their tunic? I know I do!


Indeed, she could be from the Federation… she has a distinctive Betazoid look about her.


Always take a good car charger. DC is a lot easier to make than AC, you could easily get sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4) and lead, and the input spec of between 10 and 15 volts and about 20 amps or so is… pretty lenient. :slight_smile:

(Oddly enough… the lead acid battery was invented in 1859 by Gaston Planté. String six of his cells together, tip positive, and charge away!)

(Might want to take along a few spare LEDs too. Test the polarity…)

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This was way before the iPhone. It’s obviously a Newton.


didn’t they say that at this point we’d be using fuel cells, just add some alcohol from a flask?

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“das Handy.”


As you say, it would likely be unusable. Specs on Leyden Jars were pretty loose.

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