Woman kicked off plane for bringing her emotional support squirrel


I personally don’t care if people bring animals on (and keep them in) in escape-proof containers and they don’t make a racket or a stench. But I can definitely understand the other passengers being unsympathetic to someone who brought an animal on that she should have known literally wouldn’t fly, and thereby fucked up everyone else’s flight so she could have an opportunity to flip them all off. That’s just selfish. And it doesn’t suggest to me someone likely to keep the animal in its container throughout the flight.






Wait, was this the passenger?


Birds do the same to my peaches & figs. Sumbitches peck at the figs before they’re quite ripe, and figs won’t ripen if picked early! And if I don’t net my grapes a flock of starlings will clean them out in a few days. Squirrels are actually the least of my worries.


Not once have I eaten a cherry from the tree in my yard - because of birds. Rabbits also like to “sample” the strawberries. If I put up all the netting and chicken wire necessary to keep the critters out, my yard would probably look like a war zone.


Indeed. The unfounded concern that a squirrel in a container is going to be a problem when no problem occurred is very trollish.
The simple truth is that this woman thinks this squirrel helps her emotional state. It caused no harm and presented no threat yet the woman was ejected from the flight and treated like she had no right to have a squirrel as a support animal.
Score another win for the forces of unquestioning authoritarianism where old ladies with harmless animals secured in containers are seen as a threat to aviation and treated as second class citizens.
It’s obvious that I believe this woman’s truth and that I fall on her side rather than the side of dehumanization and corporatism. That’s just me.


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