Woman learns how not to cut her bangs


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A star is born.


Classic double take




I did this at age 4, but at a more rakish angle. Sadly, I was not a trendsetter.


I thought her face-framing bangs look sort of nice.


Indeed, I didn’t quite understand what the problem was the first few times I saw this.


I agree, I think it looks nice - but if you have one result in mind, it’s hard to quickly turn your mind around to embracing a “happy accident”.

Fortunately the error led to part of her hair being longer than intended, not shorter than intended. Now she gets to decide whether to keep it that way or get out the scissors.


One of my favourites off that album.


Edit: I’m wrong, after watching the source (and understanding French), or appears she didn’t expect this (or she certainly acts so). However she does recover well

Original: As someone points out in the Reddit comments, this GIF was taken out of context. The (French) lady knew exactly what she was doing, and meant to demonstrate what not to do, and more importantly how to recover from it.



Mark F’s hair-cutting autonomy is legendary. I’ve always been impressed!


As a fan of Gasaraki, I see no problem with this hairstyle.



Reminds me of the one and only time when my mum tried to cut my hair when I was five or so to save money.
Somewhat debatable results, but the look on hairdresser’s face whom I was sent to afterwards for damage limitation was priceless.


I liked the first look much better.


You’ll always be a trendsetter to us, knox :yum:


I love it “Well, it looks not bad, but my bangs didn’t respect me. Look at that. No respect at all!”


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