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Things I like about Mark Frauenfelder

Why will you not get a haircut?

Things I like about Mark Frauenfelder

It’s not like he’s a freaky long-haired hippie long-hair; why does everybody have to have a flat-top in your button-down close-cropped world?


I assumed that he got it cut every Wednesday when the gardeners came…

edit – at any given time, mine is unintentionally fraunfelderesque (except when it starts getting too long an wavy and my wife looks at me in the morning and starts laughing because it is in full Mrs Brady configuration when I get out of bed)


Hair combing, bed making, and ironing all all highly overrated.


@frauenfelder has great hair. It is a nice blend of eccentric yet sculpted.

I also have great hair, but if I’m not careful I end of looking like this.


Is smoking bad for you?


Ha! great answer. While we all get inspired by Makr projects, sometimes plain old Fixr emergencies can make for great shareable lessons.


if I’m not careful I end of looking like this.

You should be so lucky.


What you said.
Stupid extra fine hair that will go from nicely in place to mad scientist if I just lie down to take a nap, along with male pattern baldness has led to me to just get a buzz cut regularly. Heck I get helmet hair with it still freshly short from a haircut.


Wait – you’re a guy?


Barring crazy mutant changes in my pants after I took a shower this morning yes.

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