Things I like about Mark Frauenfelder


Continuing the discussion from Mark on Skillshare AMA:

#Things we like about Mark Frauenfelder


#I like his haircut


#I like his glasses (when he is wearing glasses)


#I like his dreamy eyes (when he is not wearing glasses, and when he is wearing glasses)


#I like his design-work for Billy Idol’s Cyberpunk album.


#I like @frauenfelder 's unabashed positivity.


#I like that Mark really comes off as a hard working, caring person that would say, “can I help you with that?” as easily as most people say, “hey”.


I keep mixing him up with Mark Mothersbaugh. Does that count?


I like his web log.


I enjoyed his appearances on The Colbert Report.


I like that he talks about his daughters so frequently and seems like a great dad!!! Good job, @frauenfelder!!!


Mark Frauenfelder, Richard Dawkins and Chuck Norris walk into a bar. The bartender says, “The two of you: OUT! OK, Mark, what would you like?”


I still like that he put his bOING bOING magazine and Happy Mutant Handbook out there.


I like that the letters in his name can be rearranged to spell "Fearful Maker Nerd."

(Note: I have no reason to suspect Mark is cowardly but the best alternative I could come up with was “Alarmed Reefer Funk.”)


#@frauenfelder’s kindness and humanity is absolutely a net plus for us all!


#That’s his band name.


Of course you do, Ted.


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