Woman loses engagement ring, finds it 13 years later wrapped around a carrot


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Good thing hes dead, other wise I am pretty sure hes married to that carrot by law.


Perhaps there’s still hope! I too have lost a ring in a garden in Alberta - I went out to rake the leaves with my wedding ring on, and when I came back in I didn’t have the ring.

I got a metal detector, from which I mostly learned that every square foot of that yard has about four pieces of metal it in - I think the dirt came from a construction site at some point, it’s full of old nails and bottle caps and chunks of plaster and whatnot.


Wow what are the odds…

Seemingly much better then one would think.
Just a few months ago:

If you are into attention you could plant it that way…



Are vegetables legally allowed to marry?


They can’t say no…

I had a sicker joke, but I thought better of it…


We all appreciate your forebearance


I’m surprised it was a carrot. After all these years, I’d expect it to turnip.


It’s a one carrot diamond!

(I’ll show myself out.)


Suppose she had fed the carrot to the dog.

And then the dog pooped the ring out back in the garden.


Canada’s very progressive about these things.


Dogs like carrots? Huh.


Take your “like” and get out. OUT!


I would expect this to happen on a regular basis purely by chance. People routinely lose their rings while gardening. If you lost a ring in a bed where you always grow root vegetables, eventually one of those vegetables is going to engulf that ring, if you wait long enough. (If you lost it in a bed of not-root vegetables, one of them is likely to engulf the ring in its roots too, but you’d be unlikely to ever know it.) It’s a lot more credible than those “I lost my ring in this body of water, then found it in a fish I caught” stories.

Yeah, I suspect it’s the sugar in the carrots that’s quite enticing (or has been to the dogs I’ve owned, anyways).


In Canada, even the carrots are nice.


Be careful. We’re on a slippery slope to the dark side of the net.


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