Woman regrets drinking air freshener


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While Mr Berry began researching the effects of drinking air freshener…

It sounds to me like Mr Berry is a keeper.


I’m surprised that she managed to gulp it down. High proof 'n ghastly alcohol isn’t exactly god’s gift to flavor; but it should just burn going down, with hints of toluene and some paint-stripper notes, with an acetone aftertaste. It should not punch you in your entire olfactory apparatus with a brutal dose of whatever volatile aromatics some focus group decided smelled like what a clean home ought to.

If you are going to do this, the Purell will be far less nauseating.


This is not a joke or funny, it is a disease, simple alcoholism.
I saw this not infrequently as a paramedic, people drinking cheap often shoplifted perfume and other weird stuff for the ethanol.
(edit) I just remembered the other thing we would sometimes get, someone who raided the baking flavor extracts, either(I forget which) mint or cinnamon in large doses would finish off a liver sclerosed and huge from alcoholism.


maybe with embalming fluid.


“All my kids are grown ups now, I can finally keep dangerous products in the lower cabinets”


I thought this was the whole reason schools stock scented markers; by first grade we had all well-learned the lesson that be it cinnamon brown or grape purple, all Mr. Sketch markers taste like death.


But the paste is edible.


Many people like to say “no regrets” as a motto. Those people have never ingested air freshener.


I still love the taste of a good 'ol No. 2 pencil.


Call me a purist but moonshine should never be anything but a clear liquid brewed in illegal stills out in a holler somewhere. And it should only be “desirable” if’n you’re in a dry county and cain’t get your likker legally.


I drank a mean good pontikka once.


It is not a joke, but if I don’t laugh I swear to god I’m gonna cry.


Yeah, some folk can’t handle funny and serious being the same thing.


This comment was made in airer, clearly of bad taste.


I don’t doubt that but this still seems like a strange phenomenon to me. During prohibition, or in a country where alcohol is illegal? Sure. But we live in a time when Americans can buy a surprisingly drinkable bottle of wine for less than three dollars or a bottle of gin (which I find undrinkable at any price) for less than eight.


In Oregon anything other than naturally brewed(distilled etc) is only sold at special state stores, I believe it is one of the tightest states in the union for alcohol sales restrictions.
I mostly saw it with stereotype homeless people who were probably on the way to DTs and possibly no other way to get the alcohol which might save their lives. In Oregon it is illegal and well enforced that selling to a suspected intoxicated would cost al least the clerks job. It was still pretty rare to get the drank weird stuff on a 911 call as I don’t think the perfume is particularly toxic compared to the ethanol it contains.


You will exhaust yourself trying to understand it as a phenomenon. It is a pathology.


Judging by the list of contents on the wikipedia page for Air Fresheners she’s probably pretty ill.


Well, the subtle points of taste are mostly smell so… There is logic behind the marketing. Also, cinnamon has a very distinct odor.