Forbidden Lemonade

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Honestly, I’d be more worried about the stuff if whatever lemony-fresh-scent they added manages to fight hard enough to present a convincing illusion.

Even the low-concentration-dissolved-in-water ‘ammonia’, not the straight gas, is a hell of an olfactory punch. Not sure I’d want to encounter a lemon scent sufficient to overpower it; on either aesthetic or toxicological grounds.


With product designers so dedicated to incompetence, I have no doubt that they’re working on it as we speak.


If you gave this to today’s spoiled sissy kids, you’d end up in prison, but it’s the only lemonade we had when I was a nipper and we were glad to have it. No fancy Nutella either, just borax and mud on a piece of cardboard and we grew up just fine.


Reminds me of this:



Well, neither the ammonia nor the lemony-fresh-scent soaked rags I doused with that brand chased away the skunk that had found a new hidey-hole in my garage. Only the rabbit that moved in after chased the skunk away. Clearly the lemony-scent ammonia had no effect on the rabbit either. Only the cruelty-free cage and tasty carrot inside (which he woke up midday to go get) got him out. He resides at my local park now and my garage is all patched up. No thanks to HDX lemon-scented ammonia.


Heh. I remember someone at work picking up the Spray Mount instead of the Screen Cleaner because they both had blue tops. Oohh, such language.


I used to work for a company that made a variety of consumer chemicals - spot removers, furniture polish, fabric protectors etc. I was the person who would receive calls from the Poison Control center when something went wrong, at almost weekly I’d get a call because a parent had transferred one of our products out of it’s larger original container into a soda or water bottle, and someone, usually a child, had drank it. It was so common the industry trad group we belonged to finally created a whole campaign about it for consumers.


It’s only incompetence if it’s unintentional. At the back of this is a partnership with the American Association of Poison Control Centers, count on it.



I wonder if the aerosolized butter flavor is actually the greater concern… So far as I know there aren’t any reports of trouble from people not exposed at occupational levels; but “bronchiolitis obliterans” is one of those diseases that you need only the vaguest memories of Latin roots to want to run away from, screaming(while you still have the lung function to do either of those things).


If you need to spray oil, why not but a food-grade refillable spray bottle like tis and fill with your favorite oil? You can spray extra virgin olive oil and not only some seed oil, if you like it.




Out of curiosity; do you know how often these incidents resulted in nontrivial amounts swallowed vs. people taking a mouthful and then spitting it out; but needing to be followed up on in case of either some amount of ingestion or damage to oral tissue?

I’d assume that a great many household chemicals of some concern don’t taste so good, even if they haven’t been treated with a bittering agent; but I have no idea whether people typically just drink-and-swallow in one smooth motion that is over before the taste hits; or whether sometimes the response to an unexpected flavor induces swallowing rather than spitting or something along those lines.

It’s certainly not at all hard to see how someone could be fooled by repackaged products, even if they aren’t a child; but I have no real context for how often people’s sense of taste or smell saves them from actually swallowing something.

At least it still comes in actual half gallons, unlike orange juice!

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And then there was the time my mother confused eye drops (applied without wearing her glasses, obviously) with the adjacent dropper bottle of nail glue.

****, that was scary.


I can tell you from first-hand experience that antifreeze does not taste pleasant to animals. At, least, not to homo sapiens.

About 24 years ago I got front-ended. When I came out of my shock (or whatever) I seemed to be OK, except that I was doused with some sort of liquid, and a little bit of it ended up in my mouth. It turned out it was antifreeze; in the collision my spare bottle had flown forward and burst on the dashboard.

At the ER they asked if I had swallowed any antifreeze. I replied that the accident had occurred about 30 minutes earlier, and I had yet to rinse my mouth or drink any water, so by then I had undoubtedly swallowed a little. They wanted to keep me around a while to make sure the ingestion hadn’t harmed me.

They also wanted to wash the antifreeze off my body. They did not want to provide a room and shower so they kindly offered to take me outside the hospital (in downtown Austin) where I could strip down to the nude so they could hose me down. I kindly offered to walk home, it wasn’t that far, and shower there. They did let me use the shower but would not provide any towels.

(The car did not make it)


Interestingly, I believe an antidote to antifreeze poisoning is alcohol…

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Mmmm Lemmonia my fave

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