Woman smokes pot 100 different ways in 2 minutes 31 seconds


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/21/woman-smokes-pot-100-different.html


Woderful Woman smokes pot 100 different ways in 2 minutes 31 seconds.



I see no video. I think it got adblocked.


Even in another browser with no adblocker I see no video other than one below the post summarising other posts on the site.


All things in moderation.


Boingboing used to carry things of interest and benefit. This is nonsense.

How about a slide show of 100 people passed out in scenic locations, drunk in public? Sounds pretty exciting too for those who think these indulgences should be frequent and ongoing.

I’m not a puritan, I drink…very occasionally, but this obsession with inhaling burning leaf smoke is obscene whether tobacco or pot or what have you.


To each their own. :wink:


What a legend.


Weird definition of obscenity.


In the laid back California town
Of sunny San Rafael
Lived a girl named Pearly Sweetcakes
You probably knew her well


Oh come off it and let us just enjoy a banana bong.

Just look at it.


At 1:03, was that a chocolate rabbit or a turd she was toking through? Either way, this had the potential of adding up to 101 ways.


I believe the phrase “Lighten up, Francis” is in order. :wink:


You should write a letter.


Especially moderation.


Seriously. In Japan that would get you jailed in 100 different ways, well 101 if you count the video itself. Whereas this video censors and blurs out her naked body, which is not such a big deal in countries that have lots of hot springs.


She missed a spot.


Is there a followup article?

“Woman eats 100 different snacks in 2 minutes 7 seconds”


Are you disappointed?


50 seconds in!