Woman stole 905 handbags


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The astonishing part is that it worked almost a thousand times. If I was a criminal I think I’d be damn proud of that record.

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Jayne Rand: “We the Thieving”

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She was impressively deliberate and careful with her planning here. Skills like that could have been leveraged for a real career that pays better than £30k/year. I guess this “job” gave her a chance to tour the country though, so that’s something.

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Does anyone know the full story on this? I read the article and it says that she “got into trouble” and had to steal to compensate. What happened? Did she have a legit business that started to slide and start stealing to get the merch for free? Why did she need to travel all over creation to steal the bags?

@jandrese - I used to work with a woman who talked all the time about various scams she and her boyfriend wanted to do. They sounded terribly complicated and not that profitable. What was weird was she had a decent job as a receptionist that she barely paid attention to - I mean, all she had to do was answer the phone but she couldn’t even do that well. It was odd to me why she was so starved to deceive people. The desire to scam didn’t really even seem related to the money.

Plus she told someone not involved in planned scams. Isn’t the first rule of criminal success not to share hair brained criminal schemes?

Like e-Soap warned us about, in “The Tortoise Purse and the Hair”?

I’m no psychologist but she likely had the abilities to do something more challenging than being a receptionist, and was dismayed at being stuck in that position (due to lack of education or whatever) and bored out of her mind at work. Not everyone is cut out for drudgery.

Now, clearly it would be more helpful in the long run to focus her extra mental energy on getting the education or whatever else she needs to get a more intellectually stimulating job. Coming up with fantasy heist scenarios does seem more entertaining, though.


how many bags? I cannot find keys with one.

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I can vouch for this. Having an easy and boring job that everyone politely acknowledges is best suited to a dumb woman with little social value, is the kind of thing that makes you want to stab yourself in the eyes for pleasure. I’m sure fantasies of successful scams made her feel more intellectually stimulated and also vented a deep resentment against society.

Why would she not really take a legitimate risk to see whether she could handle more? Oh… well… probably because she was just a receptionist and couldn’t even handle that apparently. Not the biggest confidence builder, that.

Well done 'n all on the 905, but $200 handbags? I’m underwhelmed. I like my crims bigtime. 1,000 $10,000 bags - that’s a good start.

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