Woman sues Verizon after bad customer service "caused" heart attack



The circulatory system is a series of tubes…enormous amounts of material…


Obviously a total crank in this case, BUT…am I willing to believe that dealing with “customer service” has exacerbated existing medical conditions for other people?


Another anecdote does not equal data but:

My father-in-law had his phone number changed against his express desires by AT&T because of some ham-handed fumbling when he transferred his home phone number to his cell phone. Over the course of the two hour phone call to try to resolve the issue, his blood pressure went up by around a third, enough that it could have been dangerous. This is without AT&T being necessarily rude, just incapable (it seemed) of making things right for him.

Ultimately my brother-in-law had to take over the phone to finish resolving the issue.

I have no problems believing that customer mis-service can lead to health issues.

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Specific causation is going to be…difficult… to prove, especially with that sort of cash on the line; but unless one denies the link between stress, depression, hopelessness, rage, etc. and certain flavors of morbidity and mortality, it’s hard to imagine that dealing with the phone drones doesn’t off people now and again.

Now, if we were talking Comcast, I’d believe her outright.


I sense shenanigans here. I’m not sure where Verizon is HQ’d, but parent company Bell Atlantic was HQ’d in Chesapeake, VA, and it’s not a big city.

The lady could win this lawsuit, especially if her cardiologist can expound on how stress directly affects women and heart disease.

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