Woman to divorce husband because he doesn't like Disney's Frozen



We only have the husband’s side of the story. I bet there’s other things going on in the marriage he’s not mentioning.

In fact since the wife is apparently refusing to communicate directly with him there could be a reason she feels she needs to not talk to him at all.



Either way, it appears time to let her go. Let her go! She doesn’t love you anymooorreee… Let her go, let her go! / She’s just shown you the dooooor!


Clearly, this woman was touched deeply by the film, or some aspect of the film that was very important to her. That her husband was unable to experience the same resonance – even to a small degree – was a sign he would never be able to appreciate or empathize with significant aspects of her own being. That’s a pretty damn good reason to walk away.

Years ago, I was (briefly) involved in a relationship with a woman who lived in another city. On a Sunday morning, I was very eager to get the newspaper because I needed to see Calvin & Hobbes. She looked at me with something bordering on disgust, and announced “I hate Calvin & Hobbes.

I had a very bad feeling at that moment, and if I had listened to it, I could have saved myself an immense amount of duress, money and grief. I think this woman (the Frozen fan) listened to her moment; good for her.


‘‘I hate Calvin & Hobbes.’’


Yeah, it’s too bad none of us listen to those moments the first time they come along. But who wants to be petty and break up with someone over a comic strip? It’s a no-win situation until you can figure out where that moment is really coming from.


The first time my ex watched “It’s A Wonderful Life”, she reacted to George Bailey and his wife Mary’s devotion to him in this precise fashion:

“What does she SEE in him ? ! He’s a fucking LOSER !!!”

In my heart, I’d already known that the marriage was in deep trouble for quite a while. But that really was kind of a final nail in the coffin.


I may disagree with her opinion of Frozen, but if I were in a childless marriage with a Frank Herbert scholar and discovered he did not appreciate David Lynch’s Dune despite it’s many, many departures from canon I might consider cutting my losses, I admit.

And not just because I am straight and the house is covered in Cheeto dust.


Get your facts right. There was no actual reporting from the site you linked. It’s just a blog in which the author asked for funny divorce stories and then a man responded with the story about his Frozen loving wife.

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And this is why most people are unable to have long-term relationships.

“She looked at me with something bordering on disgust”

That’s the key. Not that it was about a comic strip. Apparently this is backed up by actual research: if one or both members of a couple give each other looks – even microlooks – of disgust when they’re talking to each other, it’s one of the top indicators that the relationship is doomed.


I would argue that in this case the disgust was directed at the comic strip, not at the person and possibly an exaggeration to make her point. If she was seriously disgusted by him as a person and giving him a look expressing as much, then yes, that probably would be an indicator that the relationship is doomed, although the research seems to still be out on that :wink:

I mean, I admit I was kind of relieved when my wife found The Big Lebowski funny, but she doesn´t like Monty Python and I haven´t divorced her yet.

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A girlfriend once dumped me because I was not as romantic as the movie “French Kiss”.

Dodged a bullet!

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