Woman who accused Roy Moore is homeless after her house burned down, fire investigated as arson


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They’re all about tradition in Alabama.


In that neck of the woods, that’s called a “hillbilly love letter”.


Nothing says home of brave like domestic terrorism


“I think there is blame on both sides,”


“On one side, there were some guys with gasoline and matches. On the other side, she did willingly live in flammable house.”


She is one who went to mall without brother or father, not even veil.


There’s a gofundme page to help her recover from this financially; if you’re so inclined.


I can’t support her GoFundMe right now, but I hope lots of other folks can.



Fire and Fury Alabama Edition


Over 100k in 23 hrs!


Roy Moore supporters (Republicans?) will surely see this as an act of God’s wrath upon her and cheer.


Well they didn’t bomb her church, so I guess that’s what passes for progress in Alabama.


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Good luck to the investigators. The list of potential suspects is rather long.


Why do women wait so long to come forward?!?

Please, please let this be recognized as satirical on first glance.


Because the stakes are so low for them and it’s so easy to discredit a real person who matters without ever facing any consequences for yourself… amirite lol


Just follow the road apples…


At first I was wondering what evidence she had in her house that they were trying to destroy, as well as the terror inflicted. I thought it might have been the yearbook person and they wanted that yearbook gone, but Tina Johnson isn’t that person. There are so many. Did this flaming turkey’s lawsuit against Doug Jones get dismissed yet?


I could just see Roy a-ya’ing ol’ Sassy with a half empty flask in one hand and gas can in the other. “giddy-up!”
Sassy takes a dump and slowly trots off.