Woman with no arms or legs demonstrates how she folds laundry, showers, writes, etc

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She’s got enough motion in the arm stubs that she could use a range of modern prosthetic technology.


Maybe when all of the YouTube money starts rolling in she can afford to buy one.

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Yeah, but does she fold laundry while speaking in a soft, calming voice?

I am now exhausted from watching this.

Side note: I honestly love when folks do vids like this and open it with a flub/blooper.


There’s a lot of federal and state funding for people in her situation.

So many questions, now…
She doesn’t eat much in the video, but it may not have been representative of what she normally eats. I wonder how many calories she consumes? On the one hand, I could see tasks that most people would find effortless could require a lot of effort, but on the other hand, there’s also limits to how active she can be, and muscles take energy (so not having them…). I’d guess probably not much. It also seems like that eating technique would be somewhat limiting in terms of what kind of food you could eat, because she’s effectively using the implement just as a lever. Anything that would slide off a tilted eating implement would have to be consumable directly (which could be difficult for a lot of soups, etc.).
I see how she washes her face, but what about the rest of her? I could imagine with some fixed sponge/brush structures, one could rub against them to strategically reach most spots of the body. But it doesn’t seem like she has that, nor a lot of specialized items to make life easier. Seems like if she could partner with a maker (especially someone with a 3D printer), it could make some tasks easier…

Very nice videos, Though I’ll never understand why people fold their towels. I bought a slightly bigger closet and just take them of the washing line and chuck them in the drawer, done. Arms or not.

But fascinating videos nonetheless.


There used to be a great vid of Norwegian stand up comedian Sebastian Tjørstad having a go at skateboarding but can’t find it now. Here’s a pic however.

(how do i embed this?)

I’m with you on that. Folding clothes is for when space is a problem or if it’s something nice that you don’t want wrinkled, but if you have the room why not just toss it in a pile? I sort my clothes after laundry, and just sort them by type-- pants, t-shirts, underwear, socks.

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I’m even more lazy :slight_smile: I have 3 or 4 things I don’t want wrinkled. They hang in a closet for special occasion. The rest just gets sorted into ‘big clothes, small clothes, towels and bed-stuff’ and shoved in the respective drawers.

My Mother in Law actually irons her towels and she lives in a (much) bigger house as me. Different times I guess.

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Until recently I was even lazier – it all went into two piles: dirty and clean. When I came back from doing laundry it all sat in a huge bag and I picked through that everyday for clean clothes. I realized that digging among shirts and jeans for the last pair of clean underwear and finding the other sock was taking as much time as just sorting it all out.

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