Women laughing alone with tablets


My impression is that you can find a pretty enormous number of almost any ordinary scene if you spend enough time trawling stock-photo archives. Are the salad-and-tablets things exceptional even in that regard?


What are they looking at on the tablets? Photos of salad.


Ah, but if this were my daughter, she’d be laughing while Skyping with her friend who moved away to Japan. So it isn’t as weird as the salad thing.

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Does this mean we’ve graduated from looking longingly at arugula?

I bet she’s laughing at one of them social medias.

Man, there are fetish sites for everything.



(This line is not worth reading)

[Women Struggling to Drink Water][1]

Never forget.
[1]: http://thehairpin.com/2011/11/women-struggling-to-drink-water


This just in: stock photography is extremely cheesy!
Newsflash: Smiling people sell things better than not smiling people!

Here’s the first results page for ‘using tablet’ on getty. There’s just as many men smiling/laughing using a tablet as there are women. Who’da thunk marketers would want to demonstrate how you might use their product while showing how much you’ll enjoy using their product? Crazy!

Not. Men: 17. Women: 17. Both: 5.

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Both what? Women and Not-Men?

She’s clearly just destroyed someone’s base.

Probably mine.


I ran into this Kindle Fire HD ad repeatedly over the last couple weeks everytime I started a YouTube video or started a new level on Angry Birds Star Wars in the bathroom. The moment when she cracks a slight chuckle over getting Free 2-Day Shipping really stuck in my head, and was the first and only thing I thought of when I saw this post.

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Can you really be said to be alone if you have a tablet?


Punctuation: It means things!

All your base are now belong to her.

If you keep seeing ads when watching YouTube, then you seriously need Adblock Plus. I didn’t even think YouTube did ads anymore until I was browsing at a friend’s.

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…sounds like a telltale symptom of being stoned.

This particular woman alone laughing with a tablet (the one on the BB article) gets everywhere. There must be thousands of photos of her on stock photo sites. She’s a busy lady.

This particular woman you chose for the header picture must be one of the most popular/prolific stock models around. I see her at least a few times each month.