Women say they were "branded and traumatized by doctors" in New York as part of cult ritual


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Huh. It sure does take all kinds of people to make a world.


The Story of O for realz.


I first heard about them a few years ago in this article about two wealthy sisters who gave the cult $150-million (let’s just say that the Bronfman sisters show as much financial sense as their brother, who sold proven money-making businesses with steady revenue streams to get into Hollywood).

NXIVM billed itself for newcomers as a self-help organisation by and for women, but in the end it’s just another $cientology: a multi-level “secret knowledge” and blackmail scam cult run by an abusive creepy dude.


And yet the sheeple preyed on by the MLMs of the world will not be dissuaded by this in the least. Some people insist on buying undiluted brain wash in bulk.


NY. If I was forced to make a good guess as to the identity of one member, I’d guess… Trump.


This is why the Thrill Kill Kult is the only one for me.


But it’s cheaper in bulk! And non-members have to pay retail!


That’s not what a soldering iron is for.


Infidel! Blue Öyster Cult is the one true way.


Sacrilege! Heresy! A declare a Jihad on the defilers!


I just think they have an awful web site design.


Definitely more abusive, but still matches the weirdness of businesslike cults like Nicole Daedone’s OneTaste.


They could always consult the Heaven’s Gate people for ideas. They had a great website for the time.


What no Gor book references? It was the first thing I thought when I read that they made the women ask to be branded. That’s like right out of one of those books.

If you want some satire on the entire ludicrousness of that series I recommend Houseplants of Gor: http://www.rdrop.com/~wyvern/data/houseplants.html

I used to work in a bookstore where we clerks would read passages out loud over the intercom to get folks to leave at the end of the day. Ahhh, the 80s, and independent bookstores.


Was John Norman a member? This sounds like a Gor freak’s fanfic.

Edit: * shakes fist at ethicalcannibal *


Finally! Someone made the reference.


A quick scan of their website gives the impression of a bastard child of est and Scientology.

Hoo-boy, why am I not surprised at the story then…


Sounds like perhaps there should be a lot of revoked medical licenses…


Don’t even consider doing this with my iron. The bit will never recover.