Wonder if this is a coup? Check the Coup-o-meter

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Do they offer the coup-o-meter as a mobile widget? I plan on excessively worrying for the next 70 days as long as my health holds out.


Yeah well, the polls that predicted a Biden landslide were way wrong, again. Prognosticators aren’t doing the greatest job lately.

Think I’ll keep my guard up, thanks all the same.


Yeah… no.

While not the end of the all life as we know it, this also isn’t a joke and I’m not about to be doing this foolishness with y’alls for the next 70 damn days.


Not to be confused with the infinitely more useful coup-on-meter.


This hasn’t been updated in 4 days and is still stuck on pre-coup setting for some reason.
The actions of McConnel, Barr, Trump, and a handful of US Senators on Monday definitely push us into the “coup” section.


more scary news

reading this article what I read is protesters =rioters = looters . paving the way to sig supporters on peaceful protesters in case getting control of the military doesn’t work or isn’t enough.


Whoa! That is batshit crazy. He’s appealing to the worst of the worst, just like Trump; his hidden message being “come visit Florida during protests and bring guns”. I can easily see convoys of armed fascist thugs in line to get there because there’s free practice on real targets with legal protection included. What can common people do to stop that nonsense?


It is not a coup, yet. I don’t think it will be, for a coup to work in the US you will need all the different military forces and police forces to accept the new leadership. Is that likely to happen?

Still, this is a very disconcerting thought and the fact that this may come into play is bad enough.

Be wary for this: When Trump starts verbally attacking police forces like the FBI again. Because that is how it often starts, legitimizing the (violent…) cull of the command structure of those powers in the state that might oppose him. (See: Night of the long knives.)


In other news, the coop-o-meter went up two notches on word that the farmer has now put up chicken wire.

Meanwhile the Dr C Everett Koop-o-meter is holding steady at “still dead”.

Back to you in the studio, Fred.


Do you have.a source for that? Google isn’t helping.


Too cuckoo for coup coup bluffs.


reading about it a little bit, it feels like there needs to be two meters, one for how likely that they are aiming for a coup and how likely they would be successful with the plan.

And the first meter should look like the Doomsday Clock. If it’s on their minds at all it’s awfully close to midnight. Sort of like the suicide ideation questions one gets.

  • did you feel like doing it?
  • did you make a plan for it?
  • did you ever attempt it?

[citation needed], absolutely can’t be this shlub:


Of course you should keep a weather eye on the GOP’s posturing, though there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it as an individual.

Which is the whole point of voting, as a population. Again: if the GOP didn’t still depend on elections to manufacture consent, you would not have had an election.

So, if you voted for Biden, why the fuck would you post ten times a day how you still need Donald Turmp to sign off on your unambiguous final decision? That’s not “preparing”, it’s encouragement.


From what I’ve read ballot envelopes are totally anonymous, and naked ballot are deemed invalid in a step before the vote counting. I suppose that invalid vote are put in a separate envelope.
So this point is moot.


Parler? MeWe? Gab? Rumble? Newsmax? OAN?


This. Ballots are placed in a ballot envelope with specific instructions not to make marks on the envelope. The ballot envelope is then placed in a mailing envelope that is signed by the voter.

Once received by the election commission, the ballot envelope would need to be removed from the marking envelope, effectively “anonymizing” the ballot, which is part of US voting tradition. Voter verification comes before the envelope is opened, when the signature on the mailing envelope is verified against the voter roles.

Unless they segregated all the mail-in votes, there is no way to determine which were mail-in, or which were cast in person. Destroying the ballot envelope would have no effect on the process, and opening the mailing envelope is the equivalent of being handed a ballot at the polling place.


What fresh conspiracy nonsense is this?

This is right out of the Trumpkin conspiracy playbook. One magical mistake that somehow reverses an entire state full of voting results? Just what they want to hear. Stories like this are written to appeal to the same people who treat law as a series of linguistic spells, like the nutty “Sovereign Citizens”.


Are you suggesting that Alito’s order mandated that the envelopes and the ballots be preserved and preserved together? I don’t see that in his order. He only says to segregate the ballots received after the election date, but postmarked before.

It would invalidate the secrecy of the vote to preserve them together - which is a crime.