Wonder Woman as a symbol of progress


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It’s almost like people can have different opinions on the intertubes.



Aren’t women’s attempts to make sense of the way they are depicted in a patriarchial culture hilarious?



That’s…what I was saying. That the interpretation is subjective, it can go a lot of ways and there’s never a “right answer.”


I have no problem with what you said; I didn’t flag your comment. But…

One doesn’t follow from the other. The universe has no intrinsic values, all values are human chosen. That doesn’t make them nihilistic, it makes them context dependent. Different depictions have different real effects on real people in the real world. Of course meaning is subjective, that doesn’t mitigate the effects of a message. If I shout fire in a crowded theater, it makes jack-all difference if I was just joking. Because the subjectivity is both blatantly obvious to everyone and immaterial to the actual consequences, I would hazard a guess that whoever did flag your comment did so because, especially so early in the thread, such captain obvious statements are staples of the derailing handbook.


I will call wonder woman a progressive symbol when she gets some arms on her.
And maybe wears something useful.

(That said, I’m sure there’s value there; I just think the good parts are still heavily overshadowed by the bad.)


Nice repost.


Bets on how long it takes before this post hits crash and burn status?


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Sooner than later. But I don’t think Vegas would give me long odds on a bet that safe. :smirk:


Fair point.

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That’s why the title of this post is “Wonder Woman as a symbol of progress” rather than “Wonder Woman is a symbol of progress.”


Indeed. I knew she was a symbol of female empowerment, but did not realize how much until I got dragged by some lady friends of mine to a burlesque show.

One act was a gal with many layers of superhero themed outfits, which she took off with “I need a hero” by Bonnie Tyler playing.

The final outfit was Wonder Woman and all the ladies there went absolute screaming ape shit.


It might be a blinkered to assume that, because one happens to be human, all values everywhere somehow just happen to be human.

Not unlike how, within a patriarchal framework, the default is presumed to be male, despite males comprising a bit less than half the population.

When considering that less than one percent of living things are human, the disparity of perspective is so vast as to be nearly inconceivable.


I suppose it depends on which incarnation of Wonder Woman is being discussed. Her character gets reinvented every couple of decades.


Another one? Great.



Because we don’t already have enough ‘hamster wheel’ discussions that go nowhere, yet leave the participants feeling thoroughly exhausted.