Wonderful photos of rescued seal hugging its plushy seal plaything


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/01/wonderful-photos-of-rescued-se.html




We all need a lot more of this in our lives, I think.


I feel better now. Thank you. :slight_smile:


boop the water snoot


The videos on their Twitter feed are intolerably cute!


Oishii mo desu ne.


Those videos are fintastic.
They get my seal of approval.
The seals make me so happy, I might just blubber.


I need my plushy seal plaything


I SEA what you did there!


Seals, dogs’ aqueous colleagues.


Did you mean to say that it’s also delicious?


Not quite. That reads “It is also delicious, eh?” Mo the “particle” acting as also. Desu, being. And ne a colloquialism to indicate expected agreement, very like the English eh?.

So I was, jokingly, pretending the person observing “( the seal looks ) Cute” would have to agree it also looked tasty.

I know it is perfect Japanese, because I use it to all our Japanese guests when they see lambs in the spring. They laugh, and agree, because they love to eat Kiwi lambs almost as much as they love to see them gamble about the fields.


I want questioning your grammar or syntax and I knew exactly what you were saying. I was just confused as to why you were saying it as it seemed awfully non sequitur. :slight_smile:


Oh, here is a shortcut to understanding my posts. I’m an idiot.



Oh, my. As my vastly-more-hip-than-I kid says, this just made my life. :smile::smile:


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