Woodworker turns a wooden goblet with a captive ring on the stem

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/11/26/woodworker-turns-a-wooden-goblet-with-a-captive-ring-on-the-stem.html


Only one thing left to do…

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I will never not love watching competence porn.


Why would you use a carbide scraper to remove bark?

If ‘competence porn’ is your thing … as a result of something else @AndreaJames posted recently I’ve been absorbed working my way through all of these. This is competence squared!

He is a novice. He’s working on it though!

I believe this is what Bob Ross would have called a “happy accident”.

A goblet. With a ring that rattles about on the stem, and you can’t take it off without snapping it. How annoying is that?


Even more fun: tell visitors that there is a trick to remove the ring. You may have to wait until they have emptied it a couple of times first.


Oh yah!

I think the reality TV promised in the '70s (right after flying cars) is finally here. A carefully curated subscriptions and “Watch Later” lists YouTube is soooo much better than “TV”. Regrettably, “Premium” is required due to their aggressive advertising efforts since the middle of the summer.

Even with the currently useless recommendation engine, it’s still all I watch, plus Netflix.

My examples: Sampson Boat Co, Dangar Marine, CPG Grey,

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