Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions


Loving people is way down on the list after brushing what teeth he has left. I hope he was being funny.

Help Win War - Defeat Fascism
Wake Up And Fight

and may my pastures of plenty always be free

“Keep hopping machine running?”

Shouldn’t he keep it hopping?

It’s a HOPING machine.

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Learn people better is easily my favorite!


It’s really more poetic that way. The last resolutions have a much stronger impact after the more mundane ones that were listed first.

People had “extra money” in 42’ ?

I borrowed some of these for my 2014 resolutions. “Wash teeth if any” has changed to “Floss teeth if any,” and follows, “more father/son time,” “more daughter/son time,” and “more wife/husband time.”

That makes even less sense.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my fellow Boing Boingers! :slight_smile:


#32. Make up your mind.

In today’s age of mass distraction I think we all know that we have to have focus to achieve our goals. It seems like such a simple innocent time back in 1942 when someone could believe they would have enough free time to do all those things and not have to make choices. Well at least not until the first 31 were done.

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