Keep hoping machine running: Woody Guthrie's New Years resolutions, 1943

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Love the doodles!

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8. Write a song a day

Love that guy!


“Keep hope running.”

My sister is talking about moving to Sweden because of Trump (she’s lived there before so it’s not random), but I say: she and all of us owe it not only to our fellow US citizens, but to the entire world to stay here and be vigilant, and be ready to vote in mid-term elections and in 2020 when (hopefully) everyone else figures out that Trump and the GOP aren’t really thinking about the welfare of the common man in their policies.


5 Take bath

I did this one year. Totally not worth it.


“Once a year, whether I need it or not.”


Beat fascism again friends … cuz it’s a bore and hurts ppl.

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New years resolution- have like, over 30 resolutions. This list is totally charming, I like “Dream good”, no more bad dreams please!

The last one I sensibly made and have tried to keep to is remember peoples birthdays and to contact them on that day. I envisage having some sort of permanent calendar that will allow me to achieve this goal easily, but I haven’t bothered doing that yet.

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