These New Year resolutions are good advice for any time of the year

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As my Lyft driver said the other day “I don’t understand people - you see a change you need to make, go ahead and make it! Why smoke for another 200 days or four days until a New Year? I guess people just like putting a stake in the ground”

ETA: Another good list " Dress with style . For whatever “style” might mean to you. (Personally, I have been attempting to dress like I’m a slot machine, cigarette, and bourbon away from being a Reno divorceé, and it has brought me a great deal of joy.)"

I love Liz


These are pretty broad and tired platitudes in general, but the headline is particularly grating. A person looking at a “phone” could be a million different things, reading a book or newspaper, learning a new recipe, talking to or watching a video from a friend or relative, etc… The very act of lazily implying that phine-viewers must be engaged in narcissistic social media violates the spirit of this list.

Resolution lists ( like “best of” lists) always serve far better as a study of the author than anything else.

Say “I don’t know” at least 10 times a day. That will disqualify you for a career in politics but make you a better person.

The slight variation of “I don’t recall” seems to come in pretty handy for politicians, however…


Particularly galling:

“One way or another, even the people who insult you help pay your salary. Treat them with respect.”

“Just take it, wageslave! You are lucky to have a job! You will deserve respect when I tell you you deserve respect!”

Fuck you!


Ugh. There are a couple good ones on the list, but from my POV at least, it was so very clearly written by a white guy. The whole thing about listening, we ladies have to learn that very early in our lives or careers. The bs about modesty being nothing more than a pose? :roll_eyes:
Hopefully some who need these tips will find them, but as @HMSGoose said, it says a lot more about the author than anything.

ETA: just read the list you linked to. Much more my speed! Thanks!


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