Woody Woodpecker, reimagined in South America

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That’s right. He’s a troublemaker.

What do you mean?!? Doesn’t everybody?!

I believe we, brazilian kids, liked this cartoon because it was repeated to exhaustion for years and years. thus, all the Brazilian children ended up seeing practically all the episodes produced.

Of course this does not explain our love for the bird with sociopathic tendencies. I think every child likes him because the Woodpecker is a force of nature, he is uncontrollable and can do whatever he wants. Bugs Bunny can also act as the Woody Woodpecker, but it is a bit more civilized.

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Well, Reginald probably doesn’t…

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Personally I always hated Woody Woodpecker, both as a kid and as an adult. But then I’m not Brazilian. One great thing came out of Woody, however: a performance of his theme song by Frank Sinatra on “Your Hit Parade.”

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I hate Woody almost as much as I hate Lucy from Peanuts. Psychopaths, both of them.

So he is essentially Loki, the Trickster God. I can get behind this. :slight_smile:


Licensed cartoon characters usually end up serving very different roles to different demographics.
In Denmark in the 1980’s, the local comic book license holders turned Woody into a clone of Carl Barks-era Donald Duck; complete with a deadbeat job and a couple of smartass nephews.
The danish comics, mostly drawn by Freddy Milton, pay a good homage to Carl Barks but have no real connection whatsoever to the hyperactive character in the animation series.

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I’m not Brazilian but I always liked Woody. Some of the art choices in this reimagining are interesting.

Regrettably, it’s one of those theories that’s obviously so close to the truth that you can’t disprove it. You know, like evolution.

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